Odd pressure hose

Tom Stetina

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I was looking at a hose that came with my Landa unit. It's 3/8" on one end, goes down to 1/4" that connects to a whip line and then goes back up to 3/8".:confused:
Any idea what the restriction down to 1/4" might be for?? Something to do with steam maybe?


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It is probalby a JIC fitting on one end. Landa uses JIC fittings on many models.

JIC fittings, or SAE J514, or MIL-F-18866, are a type of flare fitting having 37-degree flare seating surfaces and are widely used in hydraulic applications. JIC fittings are similar in size and threading to AN fittings. 45-degree flare SAE fittings are similar in thread, but not angle and are not interchangeable.

JIC fitting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Post a picture of this hose for us to see,
then maybe we can figure out what you have.:confused:

Tom Stetina

New Member
Thanks Mark. Forgot all about this post. I just took it to the local farm supply and they cut the odd end off and put a 3/8 mpt fitting on it for me. Even they said it was an odd end to have on a PW hose.:confused:

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