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Hey all you wood guys,

Just got done with a home show in Pittsburgh. Was four days long and got about 60 leads for decks and cedar homes and log cabins. The 10 day show starts March 9th.

Well, there was a company called Bond's One Time there.
The deck sealer is clear and will last 7 to 10 years.
No solvents. No fumes.Cedar and Citronella oils are "released" over time and repell mosquitoes, spiders, and other pests from your deck. There is a 7 year limited warranty. Sounds too good to be true. I have a gallon of it(got it for free...hehehehehe)but don't know if it can do what it says. Citronella smells like crap to me. Claims to cover up to 500sqft/gal.(@$59.95/gal consumer $$$$)

A one step cleaner is suggested to prepare surface but this will not strip any stains that are on the surface. It also contains an oxygenated bleach compound.....I don't personally use bleach or chlorine or any sodium a brightener.

Could this be the answer to our prayers for a partial-eternal sealer.....THAT IS CLEAR?????!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Has any of you heard of this type of product... I do not sell for this company, but hope that my test decks will show that this stuff works. I now use a natural pineoil and resin based product with latex pigments for color. We are using it in most of the state parks in western PA. But, can and will this product I speak of hold to it's claims?????

Answer back with qeustions and I will communicate with the distribution company involved and also the chemist that developed the product and keep you all posted.


I think the key is the "Limited Warranty". A sealer by itself will usually allow the wood to turn "gray" after time, now if used in conjunction with a pigmented stain...maybe! 7 years is along time for something in the elements to repel rain, pollutants, etc.
I have had excellent results with some 3 coat paint jobs lasting 10 + yrs, others...4-5 yrs. and they need a goin over. Depends where the surface is located,weather, vegetation, acid rain, pollutants.
But, who knows. What is the base of the product? Acrylic polymers,co-polymers, silicones, urethane, polysulfides? What is the vapor permeability?

Ken S.

"The best job at a fair price"
What I would like to know is how long it would keep the deck looking good. When I use a clear I use Wolmans. After 1 year the deck is grey but the water is still repelling and protecting the wood. I don't think a home owner would be happy if their deck turned grey after a year but were told there was a 5-7 year warranty and would not have to do anything again untill then.
Wolman only warranties the repelling of water for two years with no gaurantee of the deck fadeing. I warn all customers of this and recomend not using a clear.

Craig Lawrence

Originally posted by PUREPOWER:

Could this be the answer to our prayers for a partial-eternal sealer.....THAT IS CLEAR?????!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Why would any of us want a product that would last that long??? I want to be back every two years......repeat business! Its only an answer to a prayer if you don't want to be around in a few years, in my opinion.

The fact that it is clear is a sure indication of problems. No doubt it will repel water for many years.........but I'm sure it will look gray and nasty in no time at all. It is imperative to have some pigments to give it some color, or the job simply will not last (look good).

Glad to hear you had success at the home show. That next one sounds like a big one.......good luck with that too.

They sell a water sealer at Lowe's called severe weather.It gives a 5 year warranty,and it only costs $12 a gallon!Or $50 for 5 gallons.I took one look at it and never looked at it again for the exact reason Craig and Mike said.Why would you want to cut your own throat,and have your repeat customer mad at you because their deck was gray for 7 years!If it guaranteed not to gray for 7 years I might try to sell it for triple the ordinary price to recoup the money you will lose on repeat business.Sealer doesn't stop dirt from accumulating.I think it sounds more like a nightmare not a prayer!

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I do not endorse this product whatsoever!!!!!!
I know that repeat business is what will make me in two to three years. This may be the answer to the homeowner's prayers.

Ken... I have beat these guys up about not having pigmentation. Again they claim there is no need, and say that you as a homeowner can wash your deck with a gardenhose for years after. I don't know the base of the product yet, I am still waiting for MSDS and assorted literature.

Craig.. I never put clear on. I will walk a job first. Reason why, you might ask. In 6 months the neighbors and relatives ask the homeowner, "Didn't you just get your deck cleaned Harry?:Yep, Gertrude, I did, but that boy that did it said I got the good stuff put on my deck!:Well, Harry...let me have his name so I don't use him...Your deck looks like that plastic s**t that they build decks out of now.I would not call him back Harry."
(overheard at a picnic last year..not exact words)
As for Wolman's...use what you like, the product never impressed me for durability.

Mike... About the same words I used to the salesman and chemist. The out-take quote needs to be read with a high degree of sarcasm...Though y'all might have picked up on that...hehehehehe.

JRWood... Point already thought of and executed... bid a deck with regular stain I use at $1.45/sqft. These folks asked about the new crap they saw at the show also... The bid was at $4.00/sqft.. SO... A $4200 job quickly became a $11,600 job... they laughed...I laughed...the dog laughed...the canary laughed...I got the $4200 job. And signed the service agreement to come back 2-3 years for clean and reapplication. Still is less money for 6 years of service than it is for one time, seven year warranty crap to be put down.
The stuff at Lowe's is garbage. Took it off of a couple decks last year...came off with water no chems.

I do hope that the stuff works on the decks that I have to apply it to. Believe me it is not my choice to apply it, but I will do as the customer wants. I wont walk these jobs because I am curious and I will make $$$ off the job... I will hold my breath that it stands up to it's claims. I will let you know how the application goes and how this stuff stands up this year.



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