Painters are pain


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I just figured out today why i cant get a log house at my price.Every time i bid its low for me,too high for the owner,and my prices are not that high.
I was wahing the outside the house today,painter was doing some work inside,painting i guess .Good fellow,around 55 years old.We started talking .He was going to put Sikkens on the house for $14 an hour.When i told him i get as much as 60 an hour his eyes looked unreal.I was making that much an hour right in front of his eyes,he just didnt know it.
I asked if he had done this before.Yes one time he said,put sikkens on the house.Pressure wash it?No.Stay out of the sun?Am i supposed to?

He bids jobs like this,i will paint your house for x$,owner says are you gonna wash it first?Do you want it washed??
Total lack of knowledge and ignorance,thats why people think i ripp them off with the price.
This onew guy washed a house with a pump up and water hose,all from the groung ,kind of like it was vinyl siding.It has been 9 month now since he put sikkens on ,still looks good,but how long.No wonder he was so cheap.
Go painter!!!!!!!

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