We all know that there are a few different techniques for Parking Garage cleaning. Some contractors use a scrubber with a pressure washer to hit corners or areas that the scrubbers cannot reach and boast that this is deep cleaning.

Scrubbers are GREAT for removal of dust on a weekly basis. The problem is the removal of deep oil penetration while meeting class II discharge limits. This discahrge may need to be filtered in order to meet EPA requirements for discharge. If your contractor is dumping this product unchecked, this could be an issue.

Other contractors use strong chemicals that are restricted in some states, especially California, while others use mild heat to clean a garage.

We have found during our 21 years of cleaning Parking Garages that the higher the heat the better the results for the sole purpose of deep oil removal.
Freely sharing your tried and true methods once again, which has made you son successful over the past 20+ years. And without the ridiculous ridicule.

Thank you Jim for continuing to be a huge asset to the industry, and focusing your help now where it is appreciated and respected.

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