california pressure wash

  1. J

    Parking Garage Cleaning

    We all know that there are a few different techniques for Parking Garage cleaning. Some contractors use a scrubber with a pressure washer to hit corners or areas that the scrubbers cannot reach and boast that this is deep cleaning. Scrubbers are GREAT for removal of dust on a weekly basis...
  2. J

    We are offering different " Grades " of Cleaning for 2011

    We are offering different " Grades " of Cleaning for 2011. We have found that our Turbo Twisters are great for the first time cleaning. They are powerful and aggressive, more so than any other non motorized surface cleaner out there. However, with this type of cleaning comes more costly...
  3. New Look

    Even Car Wash's Need Washed!

    I enjoy doing these. Be careful running a surface cleaner through these. Alot of time there are "knuckles" sticking up from the concrete just high enough that you can mess up your surface cleaner. I wand around the permanent fixtures in car washs and run my surface cleaner just in areas that...