Mike Hughes

New Member

I would like to see the ability to store digital photos right on a customers record, and be displayed as thumbnails. Similar to a program called PhotoAct does for ACT!

For example, lets say I have four pictures of a customers house saved on my hard drive..............I want to be able to see them right there without digging for them. Maybe even print one or two of them on a work order/route list (thats a stretch).


ServiceCEO Support

That is a great idea and one that is already in the developmental pipeline, albeit not the next release. It will more then likely show up in the fall release.

But we also plan to take it a HUGE step forward from that initial idea.

First off, you will be able to store any related file to a customer right in the customer notes section that already exists in our current application, letters, excel files, html pages, etc...

This will also be tied into what we are calling "internal task management" which will allow you to schedule, track, view history and audit trails, of all internal (office staff ) tasking, very similar to what we currently do with service jobs.

If you have any ideas on what would make your internal task managment easier, just drop those suggestions here.

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