Pledge Of Allegiance Outlawed!


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Its about time everybody took a stand, Its the only way to put these leftys down, their only a small minority, but they breed and fester on the vast majorities lack of will to do anything, except moan.


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Does this mean we do not have to swear over the bible in court to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God?

Gee I can see it now, all courts are now breaking the law forcing people to swear.



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Yes Mr. Gav.

Did I also hear it was stayed or reversed today? If only the Government can move that fast on other important issues.


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I hear you Jon, the real problem is'nt the small % of lefty anti Americans, it's the very large% of Americans that just dont care!
Well actually the Courts have not required witness to place their hand on the bible for some time now. So we have already gon there as a country. I believe that this is not an unconstitutional issue. The law states that there must be a very low level of entanglement. The word in question is GOD not Jesus, Alha mohamad, yawhe, jehova, or the littiney of hindu, Gods. The word god establishes the fact that our country's government has acknowledged the exsistance of a God a creator which all people have had an understanding of wheather or not it was a great understanding or even a mustard seed. there is no entanglement nor is there a promotion of one religion over another. therefore, it is not unconstitutional.



They preach that they dont believein GOD.. My question is this... If God doesnt exist, what th hell are they all whinin about? I just gotta see if any or 'em celebrate Christmas, THATs where th truth will SHINE!
It seems strange to me that the same men who put forth the "concept" of Seperation of Church and State are the SAME men who adjourned the first session of the Supreme Court only after a FIVE HOUR PRAYER VIGILE in which they prayed that their deliberations would reflect a "God-minded approach to the seeking of truth and justice..."

The same men who offered prayer at the beginning and the end of each session of Congress...until the liberals got a foot hold.

Maybe that means the liberals really have bastardized the "concept"?

Wonder what's next...

While I know its not the most popular profession in the land, I'll proudly admit that I have spent the last 20 years as a Law Enforcement Officer. I have been hospitalized more times than I care to count. I've had parts of both knees cut out, broken my back, elbow, ankle. Been shot at, stabbed (that's the worst), hit by a car (yeah, he did it on purpose), carried 2 coffins to graves (both held men I loved like brothers) and stood at attention for taps over 17 other graves. No, I don't know why I did sure wasn't for the money!

It could have been for the guy I carried out of a burning house or maybe for that girl I pulled out of that swimming pool and revived with CPR. (I can't seem to remember her name but I can see her face like she's standing here with me now.) Could have been to arrest that dirt bag who killed his girlfriend before he got to her mother and killed her too (yeah, he was going there). Or maybe it was just because God decided that someone had to do it and my number came up.

What ever the reason, I believe, all in all, I've been blessed. I've lived my first best destiny! Maybe I didn't make things better, but just maybe I helped keep things from getting worse, faster. You just never know, do you?

All this by way of saying that these liberals really yank my chain!!! (That's as strong as I can put it without being censured.) To those who truly care, don't give up on the USA. There are enough people who care to keep it all together. Its time for the silent majority to step up...

...and I'll go ahead and apologize to those who suffered through this praddle with no real result. I just felt like it was something I needed to say.

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