Pneumatic Vs nozzles Vs mosmatic.... which one to choose... is there ay better


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Hi guys

Jose Hernandez from Panama City again...

Second threat... Industrial hood cleaning

After watching lots of videos on youtube and searching over the web I
Found the following options

Pneumatic duct brush cleaner: (sorry so far I'm not allowed to place link)

Very expensive equipment
can not be used with PW
Brushes very expesive too


must be rotatory nozzles
so far I haven't found anyone to clean ducts, must of them for pipes

Duct cleaners

1. I refuse the first option... Am I right?
2. Is there any nozzle that could do the job?
3. Karcher PW used for nozzle 1/8 but for mosmatic should used hose of 1/2 or 3/8 inches
a. I have choosen the mosmatic... Am I right???
b. Which one should I use 1/2 or 3/8 ???
c. Do you think mosmatic could spin or work with steam ???
d. Do you think that is it possible to apply foam degreaser with mosmatic on the inner surface of ducts

Thanks... waiting for your comments

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