Thinking about sending out some postcards. Threw this side together today. Let me know what you think. Pictures ok? Understandable to the public? Too jumbled? Too much? Give me your take if you dont mind.


Looks good, I like it. It does a show and tell of exactly what you can do. I have been finding out lately, that many people do not know what a pressure washer is and how it can help them, your card does a good job of this.
postcard looks good

I think your postcard looks great. Pictures tell a lot more than just words. Craig, I was wondering if I could get your e-mail address. I want to ask you some questions on the pictures you have on the postcard. Mike

Thanks alot for the help. Always a pleasure. I will list all that stuff on the back with the address and postage. Will work on that tomorrow hopefully. Thanks again,
Hey there
I really admire your pics on the postcard as I am new to the pressure wash business and far enough away to not be any competition to you I was wondering if I could have your permission to reprint your before and after photos for a flyer of my own! Not to claim that It was I who performed the work just to show potential customers the type of results that can be obtained...sure woul save me a lot of time and effort as the otdoor cleaning season here is a bout 1/2 over now and I dont have any suitable photos Please email copy of postcard to

Thanks and Good luck
My own opinion of course, why not just do a few jobs and take your own pictures. It would leave you with a clear conscience and you will feel proud that YOUR work is now on your postcard.

Another way to think about this is would you want to hire a contractor that showed you work that he didn't do and you caught wind of this.

Like I said its just my take on this.

Sorry for the delayed response. I do not have a problem with you using the pictures. I do suggest not using the postcard pictures, because they have been reduced. Since, i have added and substituted a few of the pictures...i will get you up some of each group and email them to you, where you have a large picture to work with. Give me a day or so and i will email them to you.

thanks for the help with the pics.....I concentrate mainly on restaurant exhaust and euipment.... if you ever have any questions let me know ill try to help out the best that i can

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