potassium hydroxide??

Could anyone please advise on the particular usage of this product? Boudht a bundle pkg. wich also included hydroflouric acid, could I get usage feed back on that as well?? Thanks!! PPP!
the chemicals came with 5gpm 18hp hot water skid unit along with hoses, reels , etc...the guy said he cleaned houses with them in a 2 step process. I do fleet trucking acounts and use a basic degreaser and alkiline for washing purposes and limited knowledge on other chemicals. Currently reseaching other areas of the industry.
Don't mess around with HF acid around people's houses until you have much more experience. If you don't kill yourself or someone you'll kill every living plant that surrounds a house. The nly time you need to 2-step a house is if it is aluminum sided.
Yes I happen to be in MI...Mainly do dealerships, fleet trucking, but want to open my business up to every aspect of the industry. I have experience with another washing company but just recently invested $$$ to start my own company, if thats what you want to call it..L.o.L. Hopefully it will be full time work for me within a year or so!! I have accomplished a few houses with a standard a fleet alkaline detergent as well as an American Legion ,which was gravy money! I also have a surface cleaner in which I cleaned a Marathon Gas Stations pump pad but it didn't turn out well and I lost my but on the job as well. Lack of using the right chemicals so I had to cut the total bill down! So needless to say I am learning the hard way L.O.L!

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