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Doug Rucker

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I would have to say that my use of the Powdered Bleach and Green Wash was a disaster. Today I tried to clean an appx 3700 sq ft house. The roof was a Decra Steel Coated Roof.

The product has left a white cloudy type haze over everything that it came in contact with including the roof areas that were the dirtiest. I have been told by A.C. that this haze will come off after the first rain, but the problem is that even after repeated heavy rinsing the haze is still there. I sure hope that it does come off. My customer was out of town today when we did the cleaning. (Roger Lin, of USA Pressure Wash, helped me on this job today) and the customer will be in for quite a surprise when he returns on Sunday. I sure hope it has rained by then but I doubt that it will remove it. I felt so bad that I couldn’t even leave an invoice for the customer to pay me. I will have to wait till he returns to find out his opinion of the job and discuss further options. I am considering going back and cleaning with my regular roof mix before he gets home to see if that will help.

Here are some other observations about the product:

We had to constantly agitate the product in the tank. Roger had to continually go from keeping the ground areas wet to agitating the mix in the tank.

I used appx 150 gallons of mix. Which means I used 450 ounces of Powdered Bleach. I Was told for every 50 gallons of water to use 150 ounces of mix and 16 ounces of Green Wash. Seems like I used twice the amount versus my normal mix.

Instructions say to agitate for 15 minutes prior to using. I could handle this if the product cleaned faster than SH, but it did not. In fact I found it to be very slow. 15 minutes of agitation before I get started on top of continually going back to agitate the mix is a huge time waster to me. I have a few gallons left and there is a huge mound of powder in the bottom of the tank.

As I stated above, the white haze that was left on the roof is also on everything else that it came in contact with including the driveway, garbage cans, gas grill and windows. I now have to go back to clean all that and hope it comes off. I tried before leaving cleaning some of the glass and other areas with a rag and water but it would not come off.

I am sorry to say, but my experience was terrible and I will not be using this product again. It took me 7 hours today, would have taken 4 had I used my normal roof mix of SH, Water, and Amonyx Lo. Looks like what was a very profitable job will turn into a huge loss.


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wow sorry to here that Doug......I recently heard about the powder bleach and he sure did make it sound like it was going to change the industry.
Did you purchase their system to apply?
I would try a test spot and see if the regular mix will clean the roof and might be better not to wait on rain.
Keep us informed on how it turns out.
Damn Doug. I do not have any first hand experience with doing roofs or house washes with and type of bleach. We only use 100% eco friendly products, most purchased from **********. Powdered bleach is obviously a concentrate.
We have restored dozens of water features and large scale commercial ponds and water falls. The white residue, in our experience, is the direct result of high pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness. Possibly due to using cheap chlorine called calcium hypochlorite. Many "pool guys" and maintenance personnel use the cheap calcium hypochlorite and/or use too high of a concentrate of any type of chlorine, which leaves behind the white, sometimes crystal residue.
We did a large water feature at a very well to do resort last year. The water was way over chlorinated, and the wind would blow the water and mist all over the granite rock features and decking. Took us 3 days, the use of several different types of acid (not an option for a roof), even a grinder and wire brushed on the thicker scaled areas.
The white residue is similar to efflorescence, as they both seem to dissipate when they get wet, only to reappear when they dry. I find it hard to believe the white residue in your pictures will vanish after it rains, unless of course you have some kind of special acid rain there in Texas.
Might be time to speak with your insurance agent. Too much information to your customer or your agent may not be the best option. Just an FYI.

Doug Rucker

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Hey Guy's, just wanted to let everyone know that Michael Hinderliter called me this morning to first express his deep concern for this problem, apologize profusely, and most of all to let me know he is in his truck and on his way to Houston from Dallas with equipment and product to clean up the residue BEFORE my customer get's home.

I have never met Michael or even talked to him before this morning, but I can tell you based on his actions and the conversation we had this morning he is a man amongst Men and it is so easy to see why he is successful. It say's a lot to me about a man that will jump in in his truck and come rectify a situation like this with no quesions asked, no trying to cast blame, but just taking FULL RESPONSIBILTY.

I also would like to thank Chris Howell from Roof Restore for his offer to help not only this morning but also when Michael get's here if we need him. Chris your on my speed dial buddy, I appreciate you so much.



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Jim you are correct. The product is mostly Calcium Hypochlorite.

I had a friend that went to the PWNA convention when AC was there and he said everyone was laughing after the demonstration about this product and the system he was selling.

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I hope things get worked out and if I know Michael H....he will take care of it hands down!
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Doug Rucker

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Michael Hinderliter arrived at my house today at about 1pm. We were on the job site by 2pm and by 7:30 Michael had completely restored the roof and completely removed the haze left by the Powdered Bleach Solution.

I explained to Mike that I purchased the Powdered Bleach solely because of Delux’s involvement and backing. My purchasing it had really had nothing to do with A.C.
I never purchase a product because of the “pitchman” but the company that is behind it.

I can’t thank Michael and Delux Cleaning Supply enough for standing behind their product and the Customer Service that they showed me today. It was great to meet Michael in person and spend some time with him.

You’ll be happy to know that Michael accepted FULL RESPONSIBILITY for this problem and let me know that he has pulled the product and will no longer sell it until he is fully satisfied that this problem will never happen again. He also assured me that he will personally test the next product, if and when that happens, personally and more extensively himself many times and on many different surfaces.

He is also issuing me a FULL REFUND as well as anyone else that has purchased the product.

I would like to thank all of you for your support today and last night. Scott Davis from Confident Roof Cleaning stopped by the job site to offer assistance as did Chris Harwell from Roof Restore. I also talked to many people last night and today by phone including Larry Millette, Ron Musgraves, Chris Tucker, Danny Bates, and some others. In fact, it was Danny Bates who called me last night and told me, ‘don’t worry, Michael Hinderliter WILL take care of this problem,” and that helped to set my mind at ease a little bit last night.

To me this issue is over and I am completely satisfied with the end result. Time to get back to making some cash.

Thanks Again Everyone.


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Sounds like Michael Hinderliter, is a good businessman, and I am sure would has made his Dad proud!

Michael if you are ever in Sacramento, I would like to buy you a beer!


Doug thanks for update and I'm glad it all worked out it's always great to hear when our vendors stand behind there product and support us in correcting issue at hand.

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I met Michael Hinderliter Numerous times and the same goes with his father. I worked with them when I served as a BOD. I can't say enough rock solid things about Michael and his Dad Robert. They are both IMHO legends in the Power Washing business and there reputations are unsurpassed. Just truly down to Earth Texans that give a darn about the people they deal with and its not always about Benjamins($$$$) with them.

I am not surprised that Michael did this for Doug. Most anyone else I would be but not Michael. Back in the day when an issue that wouldn't go away started to escalate I called the Hinderliters and ask them if they could set a day in there hectic schedules for a meeting. They did so I flew down to Texas and we sat and took care of business without letting emotions or anything get in the way of working together and solving some issues. They stayed true to there word and the rest back then is history. If only I had people like them today to deal with some serious issues My area is going thru and its nothing to do with Power washing.

How lucky the Power washing field is to have aces like that right there in your industry. Thats it... I can't say a negative thing about them....because I have nothing.

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I would have to agree John. I contacted Michael right before the TX RT he had recently because myself and a fellow contractor are bidding on a 50 building (roof wash) gig here in Cali and I was interested to hear more about the Powdered Bleach Product. The reply that I got back from Michael was to stick with SH.

As far as Robert is concerned....can't say enough good things about him. Good guy all the way around.

Glad this whole thing with what happened to Doug was taken care of!!!

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