Pressure loss

Got a tree year old ws202 interpump 5.6gpm 3000psi
loss all pressure and found a piece of trash in one of the check valves. Cleared it and cleaned up the valves with a rag and blew em out. They seem to be in good order. Still cannot get more than 2500 and chattering. Good water supply. What elese could be causing this. No leaks in or out that I can tell.
I experienced some loss in pressure recently. After trying several things ( including a reseal of my surface cleaner because water was coming out of weeping holes)... I finally figured out I was losing pressure & water volume in a hose reel I recently installed.
It was a used hose reel. I tried to clean it out by pushing some wire thru the intake, but to no avail. I just bypassed the hose reel which got me back my lost pressure.
Ensure you have a screen or filter on the incoming water supply to prevent debris from entering the pump.

Was the material in the valve in a discharge valve, and did it look like a piece of plastic/rubber? If so it could be a piece of the packings/seals.

It's probably worth changing all the piston seals because if the valves are all clean then bad seals will give you low pressure and chattering. Also check the o-rings under the valves where they seat in the head. This can also cause this condition.

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