Pressure Quick Connects

Tom Stetina

New Member
I'm used to using air line quick connects that stop the air flow when disconnected from the tool. Should I assume this is not the case with a PW line quick connect? The ones that came with my used hoses have no pressure block off inside of them. Is that normal? I guess you just use a high pressure ball valve to shut the pressure off when changing tools?
It looks like a T style 3/8" nipple is the industry standard. Right? (1/4" T nipple for tips?)
Does anyone use quick connects on water supply hoses or do they limit flow too much?
Thanks for answering yet another dumb newbie question!:)

Douglas Hicks

New Member
You newbys have it so easy. When I started, we only had air connectors or hydraulic QC. Then Adams wet QC became available. They last longer and work much better than using air QC. Use them at the end of the wand for nozzle replacement. Now there are threaded QC. use them on the gun, hoses and the wand.

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