Pressure Washer Problems

Tim Smith

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Pressure Washer Problems - Pressure Pro

Purchase a 5.0 hp Honda Engine pressure washer with a E2520! AR Pump Eagle Series Pressure Washer. 2000PSI 2.2GPM

Pressure Washer is from Pressure Pro out of Florida

Problem: Get the washer in - put proper oil in system per engine manual - warm up engine - check oil - good to go. Use machined for about 3hrs - no problems - second day - turn machine on - starts making loud noise - start to run over to turn off & machine just shuts down. Check oil & its a milky light brown color. Also notice that there is an small oil leak somewhere.

Please help - I bought the machine to help with a big job. It has a warranty but that will take 3-4 wks - warranty shop has to take it apart & mail to HONDA for them to determine who fault it is. All I know is the machine is new and mess up.

The people at Pressure Pro are real nice, but that doesn't get all these decks restored - I need a pressure washer. I told them that & they are suppose to get back with me - I'll see if they can help me or not. Basically, I need a pressure washer not a 3-4 wk wait. Lesson learned - buy locally. Then I could taken back & say give me another pressure washer.

I am so backup - should I try to fix myself. Any suggestions to what may be the problem.
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ron p

3 to 4 weeks, you'll be very lucky to get anything back. Honda dont give a crap about you. Even if an auth. dealer tells them what the problem is they wont take there word for it.
It has to go back to the factory. Then they look at it. Then if your lucky they send back a re-manufactured engine.
Briggs on the other hand sends new engine. Then looks at the broken one.
For a little unit like that, you should have went to home depot. They would have taken it back and given you a new one. No questions asked.
Did you put it on a credit card? I would tell them to take the charge off and jam that wash unit where the sun seldom shines. Who paid to return ship that unit?

Tim Smith

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Lesson learned. I agree with you 100%. I will let you know what Pressure Pro does to take care of it. As of now - still no return call.


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ron p

i know this is dishonest and im going to get people mad at me BUT if it were me in your shoes. I would think about going to the depot,find a [anything] that has the same engine. Buy it, switch engines and return the whatever. HONDA will have to eat it anyways.
No i dont think i could do it. But i would think about it.


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Call me Wednesday morning 8:00 AM PDT, I know some of the folks at Pressure-Pro,
and I will see if I can get them to help you out!


Tim Smith

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Pressure Pro has told me there is nothing they can do. I bought the unit over the net from Southwest Suppy out of Arizona. I call Southwest Supply first & they told me to contact Pressure Pro. Pressure Pro never called back, but I continue to call them - they told me nothing they can do and to contact Southwest Supply because I was their customer.

I ask Pressure Pro if they back up their product & they reply yes. What do you think? I would not buy anything from them & caution to you guys - they are nice but do not back up their product. Buy any product made by Pressure Pro, better hope you do not have problems - get the big run around!

Still waiting on a return call from Southwest Supply out of Arizona. I keep you updated.

Thanks Mark - I'll give you a call.

Tim Smith

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Thanks Mark - You must have some pull.

Southwest Supply is sending me another unit with Cat Pump upgrade. Southwest Supply came through.

Mark - My next purchase will be with you. Thanks.

Dan Flynn

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Wow Thanks for helping out with a problem that's not your's Mark!

So when you guys see me mention Mark you'll now know I'm not pushing him because he helps out the Network. I push his company because he has backed me twice when I had a few bad parts and went to bat for me with Whisper Wash.

He also walk me through an install. I never even asked. He called at 7 am in the morning and I happened to be trying to put the part on and he said he was calling to help.

Mark you're a hell a guy with a great company.



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Mark has always done well by me.... Helped set me up with some really nice equipment at very fair prices. And always available to help out every time I've called.

What more can you ask for?

As people woefully find out.... parts are just a commodity bought and sold at the lowest price. But service, now that's where the few extra bucks goes. Don't take it for granted.

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