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Just an idea for those that want to educate the low ball comp. He said you could use it, why don't you copy it and sent it with out your company info to them. Chances are if you put something about the business on the envelope they will at least read it. If you are lucky, they will be smart and re-think their pricing.
Heck if you print it out, it should be able to fit it on about 40 pages. Just kidding. It is a great educational writing that will stir up some doubt with the low-baller.


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Wow, Sticky Status,, SPECIAL!!

I was just getting ready to post this up on another board too! Whadda coincidence.
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Its like real life,setting around waiting on someone else to do our jobs,sorry it took so long,they out waited me :D.


great job

Nice to hear that it is an ongoing delima in other areas aside form Toronto.
I bid on 59 properties and was able to clean 8 of them. The property manager felt that my pricing was too high for his commercial plazas.
After completion in May, I was finally paid this month ...August.
One good thing about residential - paid in full upon completion of work!

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WHHHOOOAAAA! Very insightful, well written, and the numbers work!! I just finished posting a query to NJ fellows to make sure I wouldn't underbid the locals. We need to stick together and show consistency if we want to elevate our industry. Thanks for taking the time to enlighten the masses.
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You know I hate to ask this since were not in a chat room but I've read so many peoples posts on here and I have to wonder.... Why is it that no one lists their company information or even their real name?

Are you all in some kind of witness protection program or something? Your in business, you should want to get your name out a bit, so post it and put your company info in your signature line.


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GreatJob Thanks

hey Thanks for all the information, I'm new to the business and it was very informative.


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Hey Cody,
I'm new to the business and i just wanted to say thanks for all the information that is contained in this book that you posted. Again, thanks a lot


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New to business

I am new to the business. While I was in Iraq did a lot of thinking. One thing I thought alot about was doing my own business. Not afraid of hardwork - grew up on a farm and did landscaping/mowing on my own.

I would like to find out more about pricing? Read Cody's posting. Can anyone give me a dollar amounts? per deck, per sq ft, etc




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Good info, I came accross this on the web awhile back. I would like some pricing on cleaning roofs, I know it depends on the amount of dirt, in mid Texas, I'm seeing alot of black wide streaks {AlgaeXXXX, from what I've read, any info on where to start pricing


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thanks for your time

Thank you for all of your time for that info, it was much appreciated. Any info on where to find info on starting a cleaning business..?


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Thank you Cody! What a wealth of information! I agree that we must stick together in this industry so that we all can make a living rather than giving our hard work away. We are located in Ottawa and we are experiencing difficulties due to undercutting and that customers are not educated about what we actually do. We specialize in commercial kitchen exhaust systems. We do some exterior work as well. Many companies here do not clean to code and therefore price themselves cheap. Many clients don't understand this. They will say that they can get it for cheaper but they don't realize what they are getting for that price. I wish that the fire inspectors and insurance companies would get tougher with the restaurants. I think that would allow all of us to charge a fair price for the hard work we do.

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Great Post

Now that is what a BB is all about. Education, Encouragement, and sharing of experience. This is how we all learn to do the job the right way - which gives all pressure washers a good reputation.



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One thing I have learned in the janitorial business and now in the Pressure washing business, is that by asking pricing info on these boards and knowing standards of living (California vs Texas, etc.) you can at least get an idea if you are in the right ball park. Being new in any industry, the last thing you want to do is under bid and loose your potential income. Janitorial has the same margin of win loose bidding as pressure washing but you may not know for 3 months if you were too high or too low. Even then you only know that you did not get it. If you add consumable supplies into the bid you now have two variables that could loose you the bid. The best bid considers your cost first and then you work on your margin. If you get every bid - your probably too low.

The key is COMMUNICATION. The more you communicate with your customer and they get to feel that you are a real person and they get that "a person just like me" feeling, the easier your sale and the more they are willing to share information that can help you get the bid.

just .02 cents
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