Problem stripping old sealer

Problem - The old sealer I think is that CWF,
CFW, ETC.... something like that it think.
Anyway it looks like a eurathane high glossy finish and it is thick. I was using a 20/1 then 4/1 may have to try 2/1 if that does not work try brushing it on where it is still sticking. What do you all use for this type of sealer? Thanks Tim

Tim Highfield
Good Morning Gentlemen, Ive been hearing a lot latley about how hard it is to remove Sikkens, how people are walking away from the jobs that have Sikkens applied. My thought is that these people are walking away from a lot of top dollar jobs. Everyone knows that Sikkens is hard to remove. The sulution is simple. If it's hard to remove, charge more for removing it. There is a product that will remove Sikkens quite easy. The cost of the product is higher but the labor part is quite easy. It will cost more to use this product but you can make up for it in the price of the job. Just stop and think about it, if you were the only one in your area that could remove Sikkens, how much more work would that bring in for you? Bottom line is, why walk away from a job just because you think it cant be done. You've spent alot of time learning your business, spend some time learning about new products that will do a job that you thought couldn't be done. Yes, CWF can have a glossey look. I have seen CWF applied to a point that it looked like glass. To many coats applied in direct sunlight. I to, use to walk away from this type of work, no more, not sence this new product came along. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Jim Bilyeu
Exterior Woodcare
CWF UV is a glossy finish much like Sikkens, I assume that this is what is applied. if it is CWF UV then coventional Sodium Hydroxide strippers will not work well. As Jim metioned in the last post there are strippers that will loosen this finish and Sikkens. Jim I am assuming you are using Gypsy. If not please let us know what you are using.
I am also interested in this product. I have a deck right now that has a multi layer of CWF coated on the deck.

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro
Good Morning, Glad to see everyone is up and eager to start the day. Yes, the product
we use to remove these types of finishes is "GYPSY". this product is completely defferant than what your use to using. We developed this product for the removal of multiple layers of Behr, which is just as hard to remove as Sikkens and CWF. There are two draw backs in using this product. No. one is that it will also remove paint, so you have to mask off any thing that you don't want to be removed. No. two is that right now the cost of the product
to use is between .30 and .35 per square foot, so you have to charge more for the job your doing. We just completed a home in Salt Lake City and used 110 gallons( $3132.80 ) to
remove 21 coats of Behr in one application. This may sound spendy, but it cut our labor
cost by almost 40% from using the sodium hydroxcide stripper. We have been told that if we can get our production up, we will be able to reduce our production cost. Same old
story, the more you buy, the less it will cost. GYPSY is also good for lead paint removal. GYPSY encapulates the lead paint and will not allow it to soak into the ground and surrounding area. This is a whole defferant ball game so we won’t go into it at this time. Here's something for you to think about. According to EPA, " to remove lead paint for repainting and maintanence work, there are no special requirements, however, for lead paint abatement, you must have special training and be registered"????

Jim Bilyeu
Exterior Woodcare

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