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PRODIGY soap from e-spec. Any one use this stuff? I used it for the first time and did'nt like it.
Cant get it to rinse very well.
I found a very good soap that i like better then anything ive tried but after i got one sample kit [55 gal mix kit] the guy i got it from [russell] cant allways get it for me.[waited 3 weeks, still cant get it]
He tried to get me set-up with the mfg. but they wont sell to me in less then 1000 lbs at a time.
I am too small for that kind of volume.
I guess ill have to go back to r109 and dbn 1430 but it dont hold a candle to chem A-B.

Larry L.

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hmmmm ya don't say.

I'll buy the 1000lbs if thats so and ship ya what you need,which maybe high.I've never liked a liq. but hmmm ya don't say,,,,,can I get more info from mfg.?.



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if your interested in helping me out and yourself call russell and talk to him about the CO. that makes it. He asked me if wanted to GAMBLE on a soap. I did. I like it very much. Now i cant get it.
Russ has tried to find the reciepe but no way.
40lbs makes 55 gal at 15 to 1 your cost should be about 1.75 per lb[maybe cheaper]
i would pay $2.00 lb. if the shipping was reasonable
ill take 200 lbs at a time. Boxed in 40 lbs on a pallet would be nice but ill take it any way i can get it. Leaves them polished rigs nice and shinny.
Please get back to me ASAP.

Larry L.

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The price is not cheap enough for me to change,altho I'll give it a try when it becomes more supplied.Besides I look for more cut in a soap then a shine b/c I can make them shiny hahaha.

sometimes dat shine is like the smell.




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Ron, What was the soap you like best but can't get, and who makes it? Sometimes I can get wholesellers and distributors to work with me on lot sizes...sometimes I can't...but you never know 'til you try.:rolleyes:

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