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Im in the long process of learning wood restoration and was wondering what insight you all may have. I have completed Wolmans certification program and read countless articles in the US forestry database.Have any of you done the PWNA deck restoration program and if so, what do you think. What other learning tools are available to me. I am just starting to do this work and have been practicing around my home and on scrap peices of wood. I'm running out of ideas to prepare myself I am planning to begin next season with an advertising campain and want to be ready to take on the work with confidence. Thanks in advance for your help


Sounds like you are on the right track. Keep reading as much as you can, but remember, on the internet, it is up to you to decipher what info is good, and what is not. You could be listening to someone who doesnt have a clue, or someone who's ultimate motive is to sell you something (like a certain certification program.) Trial and error is still the best way.

If you really want to get on the right track as far as deck cleaning, call the guys at Sunbrite......they have several superb cleaning products, and Ready Seal....a very good deck sealer.

I am PWNA certified in deck maintenence. I feel the program is more of a benefit to the newbies, rather then experienced contractors. I do use it as a marketing tool, however.

Going to a PWNA seminar would be a good thing for you. You get to meet and openly talk to many other contractors face to face. It's a great learning experience. ( ) The next one is in September, in Cleveland, Ohio. Hope to see you and everyone else there.

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA
From what I understand Sunbrite is a very high quality product! The wolman program I completed had alot of content regarding their product but was cost effective.How would you describe the Sunbrite program. I will be taking the wood restoration certifcation that PWNA offers. I'm trying to convince my wife that a pressure washing convention would be just fine for a vacation. Its a bit of a hard sell im afraid.If only it was the cruise ship this year instead of 2002 I'd for sure see you.
Hi Sluggo, I just sent you a e-mail but wanted to add this. I have a big job coming up later this year in Hoodsport Wash. If you want some pratice, let me know. Also, if you can step up your timeing, I might be able to throw you some work. There's going to be a lot of work comming up in your area very soon. Again, if you can make it to the Log home show at the Dome, look me up, booth #12. It would be well worth your time.

Jim Bilyeu
Exterior Woodcare
Portland, Oregon
Thank you I'll see you at Booth #12 friday or saturday. For the record my name is Aaron Brown. I look forward to meeting you in person. I have enjoyed reading your posts.


Hey Sluggo!
The best thing you can do is jump in & get your feet wet!
Caution is great - but excessive caution will cost you money!
The fact of the matter is the school of hard knocks is STILL the best way to learn.
All the book knowledge mean NOTHING if you don't know how it applies to each situation.
In my way of thinking - get hooked up with someone like Jim Bilyeu. It seems as though he would be better than a $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 few day class!
Some of these class settings are a gimmick - they charge a bunch of new comers a lot of money to get you out to do a job that they themselves get paid to have done.

I'll give you a certificate to pay me a grand or two to do my contract!
I would not mind a bit!
*GRIN* ...and you will get a one on one class with me!
Back to reality -
The point is don't be afraid! That is what insurance is for! just focus on what the end result is - and remember, when using most tints, toners, & stains - don't let them run and make sure any other surface that isn't being treated is protected! Some stripping chemicals can hurt or discolor paint, aluminium, and galvanized metals.
The rest is just common sense - and by the way you communicate in type - you sound like you are smart enough to get it done alright!

Good Luck!

PS: I used to live in Burien & Everette!
...and I really miss it too!

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