Quality Window Cleaning Work


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* Windows shall be washed clean and free of steaks, smears and visible soap residue. Accumulated dirt, paint specs, or other foreign debris must be scraped from windows. Frames shall be scrubbed to remove all dried dirt, insects, debris and other materials so as to be considered clean by the building representative. Windowsills shall be washed clean and all drippings wiped dry.
* Workers shall carry stepladders with them for washing inside of windows. Workers shall not stand on furniture or windowsills.
* Any damage to windows, building, occupants furniture, equipment or occupant work papers shall be reported immediately
* If any items are moved away from windows by window washers they shall be returned to original location.

Tony Evans

This is another example of variety not necessarily a standard. Many companies realize the dangers of using ladders unless absolutely necessary and there is no mention of using a water fed pole and pure water.

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