Ready Seal Odor??

I'm in the process of sealing a house with Ready Seal for a customer who is having a big party this Saturday. They are complaining of the strong odor and are worried about their guests getting sick.

Is there any way to help disguise the odor??


I have used Ready Seal for almost two years now, and sure does smell!

I have never had the occasion to go back to a deck to see if the smell dies out, but I would imagine that after a couple of days of soaking in and being out in the air, the smell would dissipate.

Good luck.

Mike Hughes
Souderton, PA
I just talked to Chris at Sun Brite and he said that smell is from the mildewcide. It will smell for around a week. Ready Seal is the only stain right now with it. How ever most all stains will have it within a year or so. It is best to explain to your customers why it smells and explain to them that it is normal and will go away. It is the smell of a quality product doing it's job.

Chris has been very busy and said he has not had a chance to get on the computer for weeks. The best way to contact him is by phone. 1 770 277-6363

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro

I read your post the other night and have been thinking about it all day long. I know this is a closed board as far as mentioning other brand names. I am going to answer your post in deffense of other products without calling them by name. Being a manufacture of a sealant as well as being a user, I can tell you without a doubt, that the smell you are referring to is not due to the mildewcide, there are a number of other products on the market, including mine, that have a mildewcide package that does not have that strong smell. Your comment about Ready Seal being the only product that has a mildewcide package was totally off the wall and very missleading. I could name 20 differant products that have been around for a good many years before Ready Seal was ever thought of, that contain a mildewcide package. This is not something new. If this is going to be a closed board as far as talking about various products, lets give the real facts about the ones that we can talk about.

If you have ever been around the oil fields, you would recognize the smell right off, it's the oil used in the product that produces the smell. This is a product that you do not want to apply to an interior of a home. If you want to know why, try this: Take a piece of wood and apply the product, let it cure out. Place the piece of wood into a zip lock bag and seal it up for a week. Open the bag and smell it. This is the same smell you'll get in a home if it is closed up for a week.

Please don't take me wrong, if you like the product, and it's working for you, keep using it. If a product is good, it will stand on it's own merrit. False statements do not make a good product.

Jim Bilyeu
Exterior Woodcare

I would agree with the fact that mildewsides have been around in many top quality sealers for years and I would also agree that the smell is not from that, but from either the solvents or oils in the product. I have been to Chris's site and read about his products and from what I hear from Contractors is that it is a great easy to apply product that really stinks. Now is the smell a large problem? Yes and No, yes if the homeowner doesn't like it and No if they do mind and you can stand it. I would like to know from those that use it if it lasts? I have used Wolman for years and wouldn't change, but if this product is that good I would tell others of it availability. I have talked to three guys that said after one year there was mildew building up on the deck. I have also talked to others that havent had a problem. I have never had a problem with Wolman Extreme and dont think I ever will. All of these products on the other hand are only as good as the guy doing the cleaning, the three mentioned might just not be good cleaners. Well just my thought.



When this topic was started on the 31st, i sealed two decks. Went back to one of them yesterday evening to check on it and i can report that on it's 3rd full day, it had a slight smell, but was greatly reduced from the original strength. I will go back tomorrow and check it a gain, and see how it is doing. Also, have found that Ready Seal looks its best after about a week. Just takes it a while to set in.
Jim # 2,

First of all I never used the product. Second I was simply repeating a statement I heard. Maybe I heard wrong. Or maybe I did not explain what was said to me correctly. I am sure that Chris is not trying to mislead anyone nor I for that matter like you said. A guy had a question and so I called the source to try and help.

Also if you have such a great product, we are all interested in hearing about it. Why not help support our board and become a sponsor. We sure could use your help.

If you become a sponsor you could help in 2 ways. 1) Help bring new things to the board, but most importantly. Help keep the board running. 2)Introduce us to your products. Guys with your knowlegde, are hard to come by.

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Dan Flynn
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Greg - GCR PowerClean

I was told the odor is caused from a chemical addition of zinc napthate into formula. I have had 2 customers "question" the odor, but I haven't really had anyone complain about it.

Greg Rentschler
GCR PowerClean
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I have to say I love to apply READY SEAL, but it would be great if Chris would take a minute and provide direct and authoritative answers on this whole odor and mildewcide matter. I had already shared that mildewcide comment with many workers before this other info surfaced. 2nd hand and 3rd hand info just isn't always the best. Thanks to Dan and the sponsors for this forum !!

Dave Simpson
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