Remember Us?

Hi Guys and Gals....It has been awhile and just wanted to say HOWDY [hello] to all who remember us. It has been a very busy summer. Not much working though :( We did not do much advertising this season and it showed. We did enough to pay the bills and that is about it. We choose it that way though and have no one else to blame but ourselves. I have the job at the college that is my primary income so use the company as my second income.
We played and worked on the house and yard this year. Was fun but now am back on a regular schedule and will check here much more often now. Missed you guys!!! [bb]
Nothing much happened to us this summer. Did not get a chance to redo the nudist camp this year... [bm] Oh well....bigger and better things are possible in the future I am sure.
Well, just wanted to say it is good being back.
Hey Den & Gloria,

Glad your back and I hope you enjoyed your summer. We did miss you guys. Look forward to seeing you guys more on the bbs.

Have a great day.
Nice to know someone remembers us... :D
I think I will wait until winter to call on the nudist camp again...
You have this image of all the "pretty" bodies....not so... :p
GREETINGS 'SPRAYMASTERS' ...(you really are you know)
Very nice to see you back on the bbs. WE have missed hearing from y'all. Let's get to work ! ;)
Barry Loy
I was thinking about you guys just a few days ago! Wondering how you guys were doing.

Glad to here you had a good summer and look forward to reading your posts. :)

Dave Olson

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