Rewards for Referrals

Do any of you offer money or other types of rewards for people who refer you to other potential customers?

I could see this getting real expensive for me if I reward for just the referral. Was thinking I would limit rewards only to referrals that result in a job.

Any comments, or ideas?

... I offer real estate listing agents (only listing agents) 10% of any PW work on their listings building - more times than not - they don't even want the 10%
hi shawn,

an idea i thought was cool......(you have to be able to accept credit cards for this) you can buy something that looks like a credit card with a magnetic strip on back that is able to be swiped, and on the front you could put your business logo and phone number. what you could do, is tell your customers that for each referral (which results in a job) that you get, they get a Shawn George Pressure Washing credit card which has a value of 25 dollars, or how ever much (just like a gift card at home depot) . many good things about, it gives the customer motivation to sell some jobs for you two, for the customer to use the card, it has to be used in the future toward a job that you are doing for them. three, not expensive.....only cost like seventy-five cents a piece could use these in many ways, not just referrals, if you give an estimate and customer is not sold, give him one of these for motivation. just some thoughts i have been having, hope it was helpful

jon fife

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