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I have never washed a roof in my life but plan on getting into it. I have a 3300 PSI @ 4.5 GPH wash unit. What other equipment do I need? (Besides a ladder and guts) What is the "BASIC" chemical/cleaners do I need?

The "Don Phelps Wonder Wand 2005" is also a sight to behold and use from what I understand.

Some folks swear by a little unit called a Pitch Witch - using that, you need not have guts for using a ladder since you don't have to leave the ground.

Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or sodium hydroxide is one of the industry favorite debates. Bleach is far less expensive if that is a factor. We've tried the hydroxide route and will be trying the hypochlorite next time. Hear it's easier and faster.

Just don't forget whatever you put up there will come down - protect your ground area...if you can have a groundman wetting all around the whole time, there should not be anything to worry about.

Yeah, sodium hydroxide users will say that.....on the flip side, sodium hydroxide is a degreaser and should never be used to clean an asphalt parking lot cause it will break it, shingles are made of asphalt, but that's okay? Like I said, one of the industries biggest debates :) You can go to the "roof" experts and neither will comment for either one of them to the point that there's a better or worse way to do it.

Find a couple of contractors on the boards that are doing it and take advise from those who have a system. Sometimes it's just better to do what's working than try to reinvent the wheel :rolleyes:

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Gentleman, I read that bleach or chlorine is a no no when it comes to roof cleaning. Yes it will clean it but it will also cause the shingles to dry out.
Ever heard of ARMA? Since chlorine contains sodium, it's recommended that roofs be rinsed after cleaning to avoid becoming dried out or brittle. That being said, chlorine IS the recommended chemical to clean shingles by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. Here's some more reading for you. You'll need Adobe Acrobat.

Click on the 'Algae Discoloration of Roofs' link.
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A better product for cleaning asphalt shingles is "roofglow". Spray on and leave. No rinse needed. Not an immediate cleanser. Takes 3 to 12 weeks before roof returns to normal. Quicker results may be obtained with a more potent roofglow product called "XS". let set on roof two hours, then rinse. Both products are safe for plants and pets. Learn about roofglow at OOps>>>>>>>> Please check the rules!! Thanks. John
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Two hours or Three weeks? Your kidding me! How many clients would pay for something thats going to take three weeks minimum to work?

I've been doing roof repairs and cleaning for years and I've never had a problem with it. I never knew that's what everyone else used for it until I came on the bbs's. I just figured it worked great on siding so why not roofs? After quite a few tests I've never worried about it again.
Doing a lot of work in High end gated communities with very strict HOA polices, clean roofs being one of them, I would love to see how many jobs I get by telling my clients that I will clean their roof, but it will take 3 months before they see how good of a job I did. I'm sure they would hire me in a minute with that one. :rolleyes:
That's what I'm saying, what does this chemical do? Bore it to death? Just mount a tv on the roof and tune it into the days of our lives. That should finish it off in just a few days!!!!!....LOL
hard sell

Three weeks is a hard sell! Mildew is removed immediately. Black mold is layered and takes longer to remove. As it slowly dissolves rain washes the mold from the roof. This is a major problem along the gulf coast states. As far as the chemical makeup of the product, I haven't a clue. I'm not privvy to this info.
up on th roof

I never been up on a wet roof,BUT,I have great intention on finding out.I have purchase my slip on grip shoes caps.Well I have a little to much gut,(WAIST) HA,HA,Now they say tps,is good to clean with along with bleach.I don't know.but I'm trying it own my own house.Best to try your own stuff,be for going out ruining other people stuff.I like biograding cleaning product.Like I brought some out door bleach.So what your guys think of all this. [white]

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