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There is a Spring round table at ACR Products in WIND GAP PA, Sunday March 5th fron 10:00-4:00 PM with Tom and Barbera Voges as the host. Realizing this is short notice, Tom wanted to fit it in before the busy season started. The last one was a blast.

Here are a few of the topics:

Marketing, Simple, Innovative and Cheap ways to build business

Pump Rebuilding Contest "Get a free lesson and try your skill" - Win Prize - 1st Second and Third Place Prizes - Tom Vogel and attendiies

Window Cleaning - How to make cash quick - Joe Frankenfield

Pressure Washer First Aid 101 - Keeping your machine alive! - Tom Vogel

Critical Care Pressure Washing First Aid - When your machine is dead! - Tom Vogel

Open Forum

FEE: $20.00 per person ($10.00 of attendance fee will go to SPCA as donation / 10.00 to cover lunch and drinks)

Please Call Tom Vogel at 610-392-1899 with any questions and for directions.


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We are located in Michigan and are traveling to Virginia around the 5th the round table sounds interesting is there anymore information you can give us about attending. Thanks all and have a great day!

Mathew Johnson

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new website

Here is a website that was started to help everyone promote thier events . It is also a resource for contractors to look to find upcoming events.

You can list your event via an online form right on the website or email the information. You will also get your own web page or pages promoting your event with an online form for people to register and the data from the form wil be automatically and directly transferred to your own email address.

Submit information at:

Email Information to:

Good Luck

Ron Musgraves

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Im still alive Ron- All is well. We have been Growing and Marketing Business -, new website launched a month ago. Best year to date. Life is good! - Hope all is well


See someone said you went out of business , here you are still ticking. Good for you

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