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On Saturday 2/22/03 there will be numerous Roundtable Meetings.

This is an excellent networking opportunity for power washers.
Check list to see where your nearest meeting will be held.

We will be hosting Northern California / Sacramento Roundtable
Meeting on Saturday 2/22/03 in Rancho Cordova (Sacramento)

All those interested in attending please contact me for details.

Time 12:30 PM until 3:30 PM.

Location a local Pizza Parlor! :)

Feel free to post any of this info as you see necessary.This is up-to
date.Thank you.

Everett Abrams

This is all the latest meeting info and contacts. If you haven't signed up
for one give a call. If you are not sure what they are all about just ask.
These meetings are what we make of them. 12 meeting sights is AWESOME , lets
get behind these folks and attend the meetings and have some fun and

Medford, NJ
Everett Abrams @ 12:00 p.m. Indian Chief Tavern,
Rt .70 1-866-440-3325

Indiana Area
Greg Rentschler 1-866-230-2419

Steven Rowlett 1-800-357-6295

Ft. Worth,Texas
Michael Hinderliter 1-888-397-8326

Sacramento , California
Mark McIntyre 1-800-292-3279

Washington D.C./Maryland Area
Beth Borrego -301-540-1243

Simi Valley , California
Alan Shack

Ft. Lauderdale Area , Florida
John Browne 1-772-219-7907

Atlanta , Georgia Area (This meeting is scheduled for Feb. 15)
Trace Handl 1-866-537-2748 ext.25

St. Louis , MO Area Meeting
Reed 1-636-397-2858

North and Central Florida
Brett Cooley 1-727-934-3400

Raleigh , North Carolina
Ron Strickland 1-800-983-7467

Thanks for everyone's help in advance!:)


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Northern California Power Washers Roundtable Meeting:

Saturday: 2/22/03 12:30 to 3:30 PM
Round Table Pizza.
2234 Sunrise Blvd (Sunriver Village Center)
Gold River California (Rancho Cordova / Sacramento)

RSVP: Mark 916 638-0828 / 800 292-3279
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See you Saturday 2/22/03 at Roundtable Pizza.
Roundtable Meeting starts at 12:30.


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