Saving water soaked iPhone


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Friday my oldest son accidentally dropped his iPhone, in a container of water, his wife was telling me how the phone was ruined. [pc]

I told them how I had heard about putting a wet cell phone in a bowl of rice, after removing battery and wiping excess water from phone.

I was not confident this was going to work, especially as the battery is not user replaceable on iPhones, but at this point there was nothing to lose but a $2 bag of rice or a $400 iPhone.

He placed the iPhone which had been dead for 4 hours in a bowl of rice, and 8 hours later the iPhone was working like new. :eek:

Hmmmh must be magic rice!


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Doug Rucker

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I have heard of that too...I also no for a fact that submerging the phone in a glass of rubbing alcohol works too. Drop the phone in the glass for a couple seconds, pull it out, let air dry and good as new.

New Look

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I just got the Blackberry Torch and could not imagine dropping it water....I'd go nuts. Good thing my wife bought the insurance!!!
Thanks for this idea. Fayth dropped her Droid Incredible in the bottom of a cooler. It was fully submerged and we don't know for how long. Two days in the rice and it's working fine.



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When I read about the rice trick, I was very skeptical, but when my son told me about the water
damage to his iphone, I thought he had nothing to lose by trying it.

I was concerned as the battery is not user removeable on the iPhone that
the phone would short out........

Here is more info on this subject..
How to Save a Wet Cell Phone - wikiHow
i just recently got the i phone 4 and from what i have heard about it you could pretty much run a business with it. Do any of yall use the phone for your business? I use the maps app on it a bunch!! There is also a credit card app you coud get so you could accept cards on the spot with your phone. Kinda leary on that tho.


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Love my iPhone 4 the credit card app is great,
there are countless app's available for the iPhone, some
of my favorites are: Skype, mapquest, YP mobile, media
remote, red laser, cc terminal, translate, xfinity, etc.................
100% commercial is so different. We process thousands in credit cards each month but I've never once seen any of those cards to run through a reader. I haven't even had a reader since 2002. I wouldn't even know how to process one with the card present.

I don't miss the hardware though. I think I paid around $1500 for my first card reader. (Not very smart back then)

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