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Hey everyone
We want to start using the seal n lock system, just wondering if anyone here uses this product. We are planning on taking the course they provide, but we have a job to price up asap and thought you may be able to give us some advice.
What are your views on it?
Are your customers happy spending the extra money on it?
If someone already has a sealer on their pavers, do you always strip this before applying seal n lock?
How easy is the stripping?
We have been advised to charge around $1- $1.25 per sq ft, is this about right?
Anyway, the product looks great, can't wait to use it.
Appreciate any help you can give.

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I have been using the product for about 2 years and love it. Price difference for the cost of the product out here is not much so we don't have a hard time selling it vs. another brand.

I am assuming you are resanding the pavers as well.? Your pricing is in and around the ball park of what to charge.

Seal N Lock System and New Look Power Wash

We have applied Seal N Lock on older sealant as well and have not had any issues. When you apply sealant on stamped concrete....that is when it gets interesting with old sealants but that is another topic in itself.

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Finished up the last of our sealing this past year. Not offering the service this year. Focused in on mostly commercial work.


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Will the spray system work with other water sealers? SealNLock is hard to get in Canada and I have a supplier ( that is Canadian and sells water based sealers. Im sure you can but I would rather be safe than sorry.


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Sorry this is a very late reply. I would speak to Rich Colletti at Seal n Lock. Just go to the website to find contact details

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