Selling to a Large Chain

Need some ideas to develop a resume for contacting the reality developers of a large chain of stores. Has anyone made up a resume for your business? How about a sample? I figure a resume of your business would be appropriate.

Jackett Enterprises Inc.
City of Florence Junction
Onsite Vehicle Washing services
Proposal 98093

A Mind for Detail Inc.

Telephone (602) 834-3434
Fax (602) 924-2004

Contract Representative: Scott Stone
Years in Business : 10 years

Number of employees: five


podunk Commercial Leasing
Onsite vehicle washing services with environmental recovery.
Annual Value: $780,000

eXlax Inc.

Onsite vehicle washing services with environmental recovery
Annual Value: $940000
A Mind for Detail Inc.

Rip Van Winkle &ass
Contact: Daren Mendoza

Onsite Vehicle washing services.

Financial Qualifications
Company Management
President: Mrs. Stone
Controller: N/A
Contractor: Scott Stone

Yearly Sales Volume: $12,000 for 1998
Projected increase to $20,000 for 1999 with accounts already secured.

Banking References:

Bank of America
Apache Power branch

Credit references:
Bank of America
Apache Power branch

Cartier Chemicals
Chemical supplier
Bill Robins

Ionics Pure Solutions
Deionized water supplier

(602) xxx-xxxx
A Mind for Detail Inc.

Keith Althoff agency
Farmers Insurance
(602) 969-3001

Vehicle Equipment inventory for this contract:
One ¾ ton truck with a 7000 lb. Trailer.
Mounted on the trailer are three pressure washers. One hot water unit that is rated at 5gpm at 3000 psi. One cold water unit rated at 5.5 gpm at 2500 psi. Two water tanks of 225 gallons each and a chemical tank of 35 gallons. One 4000 watt generator. DI water tanks supplied by Ionics Pure solutions.
One 1989 Chevy c-60, With similar equipment to above, with the exception of two 325 gallon water tanks.

Additions to equipment or personnel.
There is a possibility of adding two employees and one wash unit similar to the above. This will be dependent on the volume and need of the account.

Other information:

A Mind for Detail Inc. has experienced steady growth throughout the ten years that we have been in business. Our specialty has always been fleet appearance and maintenance. We target image conscious customers in all areas of the transportation industry. A Mind for Detail Inc. has been owned by the same owner since its inception. We also have never had to attempt a financial reorganization or filed for bankruptcy with any business. We are strong and financially viable. We also have the experience needed to maintain the City of Florence Junctions equipment to the highest appearance standards.

This is a copy of a Corporate resume that I have used in the past. I did get the account and it has been somewhat edited to protect my accounts and customers.

I installed a skylight last night. My upstairs neighbors are really mad

Just a guy driving around trying to make a living washing trucks, Wouldn't know a deck if it bit me in the hind quarters,

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