selling your service to a town


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can anyone give me some info on trying to sell your service's to a town.
We have some town's that have a main street and is basicly their only buissness district. It full of shop's,bar's,coffee house's,deli's,ect...
The sidewalk's are outside cafe's,table's for sale stuff ect....
Well they are black and dangerous with black alge.
I want the whole job not one store at a time.
x-mas season is comming and buissness will boom for them.
I got the idea from an old cleaner time's artical.
The town helped them with the work.
Cone's,street sweepers,hydrent use,cop's.
Well, any ideas on how to get the ball rolling on something like this?
Who would you talk to. The mayor or the shop owner's first?
I could try to get the store owners together but involving the town seem's like a better plan.

Larry L.

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huh,where to start,scatch scatch scatch huh,

I think I would start by telling each store owner my ideals ( x-mas) and plans.I think I would also tell them I was going to talk to the city as to what kind of help they would help out on (sidewalks).Than I would ask each to be at the next town meeting to help with the ideal b/c your going to be there :D.

Clean'ness is next to Godness,it'll work if you have the gift of gab :eek: :D


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im going to go in and do a free demo on one of the store's.
Funny,clen'ness is next to godlyness and this is a gay town im talking about.
Should be an easy sell.
yes we have gay town's.
I do a lot of work for municipalities. The payment plan is good, they HAVE to pay you within 30 days. Don't hold your breath for much sooner than that.
The biggest thing that you need to find out is who the guy is that is in charge of that area. Some towns it is the streets dept. some it is Parks and rec, etc. Then you need to find out who is in charge of that particular area. Sell him on the idea, but do not wash anything before you can give him a demo. The reason is, if the shop owners will pay for it, the town won't. If you do a demo for even one shop owner, then you wil be out of luck, unless you are really lucky.
Be prepared to have a lot of insurance as well, $1,000,000 $2,000,000 liability, with a ceritificate with them as the additional insured. Not to mention all of the other niceties that you will need.
As for teh Town helping out, on rare occasion it happens, but, that is only on rare occasion.

Scott Stone

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
Sounds like a dangous town to me,could beat you on the head and steal ya jewel'y,hopefully my bid would be to high.

If you did a free demo which I've never agreed with,which one would you choose to get the free one?

I think I would do the Bar first,the rest should be like a cake walk.
See if they are part of the "Main Street" program. This would be a bunch of the movers/ shackers for that downtown area who try and keep the place looking nice to promote the downtown district. Some times these are "quasi government taxing entities who actuially have money for things to promote the downtown district.
Talking with streets is a waste of time, they are set up & budgeted years in advance for street / sidewalk cleaning issues and if they don't do it themselves it is contracted out.
And yes insurance up front and big time, as well as water/waste water issues, street /sidewalk baracades, cones, flashing arrows etc.

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