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I would like to get the seasoned veterans opinion on Sherwin Williams Cuprinol Toners: Cedar, Redwood, Natural. I have used these products for 2 years now. I am thinking of switching to Wohlmans. Mainly due to cost. Even at my contractor discount I am paying $20.50/gal.

It seems most contractors on the board use Wohlmans.

How does Wohlmans spray out of an airless sprayer? I like S.W because spraying railings works out real well, however on horizontal surfaces you have to back brush.

Thanks for any advice.
John Weidner
Owner - Northern Illinois Deck Works


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I have only used Cuprinol a couple of times...liked it...but just wanted to say that we usually pay $15-16/gal. here


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Hey John,
I am thinking of doing just the opposite of what you are planning to do! I have had some good luck with Wolmans and recently more bad luck with it. I follow Wolmans directions to the letter and only apply in the right conditions and I still find Wolmans Toners and F&P not to hold up in color or wearability that it should. I am starting to try the Cuprinol products a little more now and like them so far. I personally would rather pay more initially and have a product that will hold up for 2 or more years than have customers call back after a year and want me to take a look at their deck because its starting to fade away already! Have you had good luck with the toners? Semi-transparents? Let me know what you think...



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Try the readyseal, but like any thing we put down the right conditions have to be there. If you haven't purchased one, buy a moisture meter, it takes all the guess work out of how dry the wood is. Like I said in a previous post, research and educating ourselves to the products available is a must. Try everything, but I know, as do others, that readyseal will do you right. I have been getting most of my decks with failed twp or cwf. Remember that some products are specifically made for the over the counter consumer and other products are for the professional contractor. Which do we choose, kind of seems like a no brainer, the professional contractor needs the professional contractor products. Hint- this is a great promotional side of the business and the product support we get from the contractor suppliers is great. Try the ready seal, , you won't be dissapointed.

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