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I bid a job last night that had Sikkens (Sp?) on the deck and fence. I bid it as a strip job assuming Wohlmans 1:1. Couple of ?'s

1) Never removed Sikkens - any advice

2) Do you guys recommend I strip it dry (i.e. put stripper right on the wood w/o wetting the deck or fence first)

Don't have the job but am 99% I am going to get it (by the way this was a referral job - $1700. Your work does matter and you will get referrals based off it - referrals are my best marketing)

Thanks all!


Mike Hughes

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I hope you got paid really well for'll need it.

Sikkens is difficult at best to remove. Do a search on here and you might find some more info. I personally have never stripped a sikkens deck, I usually just turn them down.....

Not every stripper will remove sikkens.......some wont even touch it.

Good luck.


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Ouch,Sikkens on the fence!!!
You can forget about Wolmans,even full wont work.You better hope they dont call,or tell them you have changed your mind,anything.
You can try floods stripper,might work,if it dont you wont make any money.There is a really good strippper


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Stripper that surely works is BTN2,it costs right at $175 for 5 gal
Whats your sq footage??


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I've heard that HD80 will remove Sikkens. I just bought some, but haven't had the chance to use it yet. Maybe someone else can say if they have used it on Sikkens.


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We have stripped Sikkens with HD-80. It will take it off. It is not pre mixed, it's a powder so you can adjust the strength. If you have to strip Sikkens, you might want to try it.


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Thanks for all the replies! I am very glad I posted this!

I am going to email the customer and tell them I won't touch the Fence. The deck turns out is cwf. She just left me a V.M. I know I can get that off.

The fence is - inside only and not shadow box but 216 linear Feet x 5........

This will be one of those jobs I'll lose if I take.

Again, thanks all for the replies.

Lenny Schrecengost

I just finished a deck for a customer using silkins. It turned out real nice, it took longer then I figured to do it but I was getting paid by the hour. It was the first time any seal was put on so I just had to clean it first. What I read about silkins you might try using it again. I believe you might need to sand any bad areas and then put another coat on it. This might be better then trying to strip it.


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Target P/W

Have you thought of stripex-L at full strength?, two applications and minor sanding (spindles) is what it took for me last year. But it came out nice..
good luck.

Dan S

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everybody has there own way and product >> I personally love the sikkens products
It will hold up longer then anything out there .

Im working on a deck now where I bought this semi-transparent stain then added a lil paint ( yellow-black-green -) etc.........
went on great then put the top coat of cetrol 1 sikkins on top of it so now I have a total of 3 coats two with the mix and now the top coat >>>>>>
looks like a million bucks <<>>

Clean County

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Sikkens is a company that has its own stain products like Cabots and Benjamin Moore have there own stain line.

Sikkens cost a little more then most stains and some people swear by it. The People at Aboffs by me which sells Sikkens along with Cabots,Benjamin Moore and Superdecking Stains don't seem to think Sikkens is that good. They rate the other stains above it.

Walk into an Aboffs by you and get the stain charts on all the above stains and Sikkens so you can read up on them. Aboffs will probably give you video tapes on the above products if you ask. I have video's on Cabots and Benjamin Moore stains.

How do you like the Ready Seal you've been using?? Have you used any other type of stain yet??

Tim Smith

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Before you turned down the job give Russ a call about HD80.

I am currently strippen a log home of sikkens & it is working good.

I have mention HD80 in other post & no I do not sell or receive commission - the stuff is just awesome.

I learned so much from this board and putting it to use - trying to give back.

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