Southern Calif.

Looking for someone in Southern Calif. Orange County who is experenced in wood restoration. Perferably log homes and cedar homes. Contack me at:

If you are experenced in the above, send me an e-mail if you would like to be added to my referral list. I get calls and e-mails from all over the country and I'm getting tired of traveling. Please include your phone number and the areas you will work in. If you do other things such as chinking, caulking or log replacements, let me know that also.

Jim Bilyeu,
Exterior Woodcare

I know what you mean. I would take a harder look at this myself but I have a big job comming up in the San Jaun Islands next month and I can't do both.

Jim Bilyeu
Exterior Woodcare
Mr. Bilyeu,

Good to hear from you, this job big enough to come from TN??? I know you do jobs in other countries, and i was just wondering, how do you get your equipment there??? or do you rent everything once you get there?? i was just kind of interested to know......y'all have fun up in the islands!

take care,

jon fife

When we go out of the country, we try to rent as much equipment as possable. The equipment rental is the responsabilty of the home owner. This sounds real easy, right, wrong. All the equipment must be on the job site when we arrive. If we have to wait for equipment, the owner gets back charged for out extra time on site.

Our first trip to Japan was a real blast. I sent a list of equipment that the owner was going to rent. After about 3 months of sending pictures back anf fourth, he finaly said he had everything except the chinking maching. I call the broker to get a shipping cost to send mine over and he said it would be less than $400.00. No big deal so we shipped it over.

When we got to the job site we checked the equipment out but couldn't find the pressure washer. What they called a pressure washer was nothing but a water pump with a fire hose attached. We searched all over Japan looking for a washer but no one knew what we were talking about much less having one. We wound up using that dam water pump to strip the house down.

When we finished the job and got ready to come home, we packed all our tools up along with the chinking machine. The owner was paying for all shipping. About two weeks later I was talking with the owner and he informed me that although it cost less than $400.00 to ship my chinking machine to Japan it cost over $1800.00 to ship it back to me.

My client has sense bought all new equipment, pressure washer, paint sprayer, low volume sprayer the whole works. Now when we go over, we have the big equipment available to us.

I just love my job.

Jim Bilyeu
Exterior Woodcare

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