Roy Moren

New Member
What is the best size airless sprayer for doing deck sealing? Also is anyone using a deckhand sprayer for Wolman Extreme, if so does it spray properly or is airless better?


New Member
Hi Ray. Airless sprayers are OK. But I have found that they atomise sealers too much they look like you are putting enough sealer down but your not. We at sunbrite have been using the deck hand (we also sell it) www.sunbritedecks.com we just started using the Cobra deck Boss, we like it better it have two surflo pumps insread of one, one is AC and the other is DC is on source of power goes out or isn't available you can still spray. they have adjustable nozzles they work great. Now they are not cheap, But we have found in the long run they are actuall cheaper. Good Chris

Greg - GCR PowerClean

We use a 3/4 HP Airless rated for 4.4 GPM. Wagner Pro Golds. I also have 2 shurflo and Flojet setups for applying sealers but I feel I have more control with the airless. You need to try them and see what works best for you and the products you use (ex: Wolman F & P sprays nicely through an airless... Ready seal is better through a Shur-flo pump setup... in my opinion).

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