stained a deck and it looks worse then it did before...HELP!!

Hi guys, I need help..
Three weeks ago I striped a small 120 sq foot deck..Deck is 7 years old. Now that I cleaned it looks like redwood (it has a reddish ting to it) They told me it was pine but I dont think so. Everything went as planned...then last week I waited til I knew it was going to be hot and dry for at least two days, then I stained it with Wolmans F&P Natural.
First I sanded some areas..swepted it clean, started doing the railings by brush... then I used my pump-up since it was a small deck...After I finished, I backed brushed so there were no puddles and it penetrated into the wood... When I left every thing looked pretty good...It rained two days after I a week later I went back to check it out and it looked HORRIBLE.
There were patch marks..some places looked Ok and the rest looked aweful. Some spots are shinny...some spots look like I didn't even put stain down. It looked like someone stained it 5 years ago- not last week..
I bought 85 gallons of Wolmans stains two months ago... and I just found out that they were made in July 1998...According to Wolmans it's OK...Is that true????
Could that be the problem???
Did I back brush too much??
Should I have used a solid colour oil penetrating stain since the deck is 7yrs old?
P.S. I also used my drill to mix it ... I feel that I mixed it pretty good??
Please try to help me...My income depends on it!!
Did you strip the deck first, or just clean it?

Souds like there was some stain/sealer that was not removed.

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro
No the paint was almost all off...just some on the spindles and near some knots. I used Wolmans fence/deck brightner and just powerwashed the rest off.
Wood Care Plus
It may have been a clear coat on the floor. The cleaner you used is just that. A cleaner and has zero effect on removing sealers.

Dan Flynn
Flynn Service Pro
The first thing you should always do is perform a splash test with water in various places on the deck. If it beads anywhere, you have old sealer. In your case, all is not lost. Strip the old F&P off and start over again(I know you don't want to hear this). You should wait 24 to 72 hours before you apply the F & P product. Wolman Extreme can be applied to a damp surface since it is a water borne acrylic.
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