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I am going to begin offering a web based school within the next couple of weeks. Over the last 2 years that my
school has been opened, I have had many requests to offer something like this. Training will be via recorded
videos, as well as live/recorded webinars. I will also have many videos up of training from job sites. Members
will also be able to request videos on topics that they would like for me to discuss, as well as customized
video's of something they would like to see.

You can choose to be a Charter Member or a Premium Member.

Charter Member $149.99 (limited time introductory offer)- this is a one time fee and you will never pay again. I
already have a few videos up and will be adding more and more as I can record them. At certain points the price
will start going up in increments, and will eventually max out at about $750.00, which is the same price as the
school if you were to attend here. But, once you pay the Membership Price, at whatever that price is at that
time, you never pay again, so you are not affected as the price increases. All videos are recorded, with me
speaking, and I am either teaching with a power point presentation or actual videos that are recorded from job
sites that we are doing. There will be lot's of "how To" videos that will give you as close to that hands on
training feel as I can get. For instance I will have actual video of me cleaning and teaching as I clean a roof,
a house, a driveway, a pool deck, rust removal, etc etc, I will have videos showing the difference between
cleaning using a Dedicated Pump, an X jet, Downstreaming, when to use which method and when to not, etc. Cleaning
different surfaces such as stucco, EIFS, different sidings, wood, brick and more. I will also have videos about
marketing, sales, forms for your business, customer service, how to build a repeat residential clientele, tips
and tricks to clean more efficiently and easier etc, and many many more that cover a wide variety of topics. The
first 10-12 videos that are up now are, basic general videos designed for people that are just opening their
business. In these I discuss:

1- First Things First- Getting your business started
2- Environmental Preparation
3- Hands On Training
4-Equipment Needs
5-Getting Practice
6-Your First Customer Contact
8- Estimates Using Google/Bing Maps
9-Intro to House Washing
10-Quick Sales Basics for your first Estimate
11-House Wash Basics for your first Job.

Again, once you pay the one time membership fee, you never pay another dime. And you can access any of the videos
as many times as you want.

You can also choose to be a Premium Member for an additional $99.00 a month. This requires a minimum 1 Year
commitment. And is automatically paid each month via PayPal.

Premium Members Get:

Access to all the above, PLUS,

Personal One On One Coaching/Consulting via Phone/LIVE Webinar Once a week at a scheduled time
Customized recorded Videos and Webinars, and personal coaching designed for YOUR business
Access to Recorded Video and Webinar training from my chosen "Voices of Experience" industry veterans.
And more benefits added as time goes on.

Summary: What this is
This is a web based school that is designed specifically for the person(s) that are just starting out in this
business, or are looking at possibly adding exterior cleaning to an existing business. It is designed to help you
from the beginning stages of setting up your business through getting your first customer and job, to completing
it and many more like it.

What this isn't: It is not designed to sell you any other products than the web based training itself. I will not
be selling you cleaning products, equipment, books, magazine subscriptions, hats, tshirts, etc etc. I will refer
you to many people that I trust that can sell you those items. What and whom you choose to buy them from is up to
you. It also does not offer you any kind of success or fortune, BUT, it does offer you some tools and education
to assist you as YOU work hard to make YOUR business a success, however you may define that.

If you are interested, please feel free to email me at, text me at 832.445.5165
or visit the school web site by clicking HERE.


New Member
This sounds great Doug!

I could have used this in 2011 when I started. I still might sign up some time. It's always good to see things from another person's point of view. Plus, I'm sure you have a lot of pointers that can make my business more efficient.

Doug Rucker

Staff member
Thanks Jason....I figured after all the requests I might as well do it. I have a couple great crews that allow me the time to concentrate on the school more.

Doug Rucker

Staff member
Was great having Leo and Juan in this week for our Pressure Washing School. Leo is local here to Houston from Sugarland and Juan is from Austin Texas.


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