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Hello starting a power washing business but dont have the funds to really pay for top of line ads etc. so i started by listing in small classified paper in my area that goes to 4 different counties around me and with about 50000 people. i mainly live out in country in north eastern ohio area and was wondering what i can do besides posting flyers at bill boards in local stores post office etc to get my listings to residents out here in the country by where i live. are you allowed to put them on mail boxes? i know that nothing is allowed within the mail box but what about out side of it? i could do door to door but in the country its a pain as houses are so far apart from each other? can anyone give me some pointers on how to hit rural country areas for advertising? am also looking into getting some big magnets for the truck doors for advertising. the paper i list in gets me a few calls etc but seeking to get the business off and running and on a fixed budget to do so untill i can get enough steady jobs to start paid advertising more. Im currently doing residential pressure washing and also deck work stripping sealing and restoration. can any fellow washers help me out on some tips for advertising in my rural area. Thanks


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Whereabouts in Ohio friend? Allow me a quick ad campaign for minimum $$.
#1. NEVER advertise in the paper...isn't worth it, never will be either.
#2. Take you time to have someone design NICE readable messages for the
side of your truck or van...Do NOT use cursive (like handwriting) style
lettering...Do NOT use characters, logo's or other creative artwork-yet.
Stick to the same font, varying sizes of the type ONLY. Fur godsakes
DON'T use "Enterprises" or "K & D" as an example for a business name.
K.I.S.S. keep it simple - stupid. Consider everyone reading the side of
your truck at 45MPH as they pass you...Consider the general reading
level in the U.S. is 8th grade!
Pressure Washing
CALL 555-1212
Keep type in WHITE or BLACK depending on background color.
Lemme know where you're at and I'll help you from there.


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I agree with Buffnwax.
Check out the picture of my van. (I just started getting into Pressure washing)

It costs a few bucks to do this type of thing, but big, bold, and simple is best.

Also, I host my own website through Yahoo! web hosting for 12 bucks/month. Anyone that calls me can go there to see pictures of my work and It helps a lot to get more work.

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