Steam Option

Mark can probably answer this the best, but anyone is welcome to comment. Is a steam option available for the All American
PH5035HGOE. If so, how are the psi amd gpm affected by this.
Has anyone ever done carpet cleaning with steam from a pressure washer set up and if so what was the outcome.

Thank you for any input .


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Yes steam is an available option, usually depending on the temperature
of steam wanted 212 to 300 degrees, we would bypass some water,
reduce the output to 3 gpm and you could expect 300 degree output,
at about 300 to 500 psi.

Most people we have sold combination units to, tell me they have used
the steam option only once, and are not certain they would order the
next unit with the steam option.

Yes many people have used p/w heaters for carpet cleaners.
However a 5 GPM heater would be overkill! Most carpet cleaners
pump 2gpm or less. I would suggest a smaller heater for carpet cleaner

I woul go in to more detail, but I only have use of my left hand temporarily
due to an accident, and it is a bear typing with my left.

If you like I can give you some input by phone during the week. M-F 8-4.
Thank you for the info. I plan to use the PW unit as it was intended for.
I was just bored and thought that maybe I could get double use from my machine. So if the gpm and psi are not tamable to
carpet specs, then I will have to rethink my idea of a dual use rig.



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The flow and pressure could be controlled, however you
would be bypassing more than 1/2 of the water flow, and
cycling the burner excessively.

It would work but I think you would be better using a smaller
water heater for carpet cleaning.Burners function better when
they run for a few minutes at a time instead of cycling on for 20-30
seconds, every few minutes.

I think I get it now. The constant on and off for the carpet is not good for the unit. I guess I should of considered that.
If for some reason I still want to get a steam option, what do they normally run?
Thanks again for your time


The steam option can be added to any hot water washer for about $300 plus a Steam rated hose and a steam gun and tip. So we will say about $500

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