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I'm almost at a loss for words.

After all the posturing and lecturing about how California is the "toughest in the nation" I read that THIS document for Contra Costa county from Surface Cleaning.pdf says just plain as day that wash water from plaza cleaning can go straight down the storm drain after initial dry cleanup just like ours here in Las Vegas does.

I don't understand this Jim Gamble. The search function says you are a "certified" company and have gone through their training, but yet you still try to scare the daylights out of people to convince them that everything must be vacuumed and filtered.

Obviously this must be a new "loosening" of their rules. Surely it can't be old rules or you would have let us know that plaza cleaning water can, in fact, go down the storm drain in Contra Costa County.


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This is interesting to say the least.

What happened to the lawsuits against contractors when putting anything down the storm drains?

What happened to all the hype?

What happened to all what we have heard about and coming out of california for the past few years?


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