Stripping Oil Base Paints Off Decks


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Need some advice on stipping an oil base paint and the primer off a deck. Here are the facts: We are stipping the paint to prepare it for staining. The paint is old and weathered. We tried using a recommended paint stripper from Lowe's, but without success. We pw at no higher than 1k psi, bc. we didn't want to tear up the wood at a higher psi. The deck is about 125 sq. ft. with spindled railings and a couple of steps.

What will take the paint off and about how much will that cost. Is there a cost effective way to remove the paint w/o sanding. It also seemed that the stripper would not stay on the spindles long enough to work the paint off. Anything you can do or use w/ a stripper to get it to hold to the spindles.

Much help/advice would be appreciated on this one, especially bc. it isn't a big paying job and it's already cutting into our profit margins, but we would like to finish the job right in the most cost effective way.

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Mike Hughes

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Are you restaining with the same thing, or trying to go with a semi-trans??

When a finish looks doubtful that I'll be able to remove it, I always inform the customer up front that we might not be able to remove it all, in which case they would have to reapply the same thing.

Good luck with it.

CSL Ent.

I used Stripex A & L and Wolmans Deckstrip A & L before for situations like that, and they were able to remove 95% of the finish. The rest I just sanded off, and they turned out great. Stripex is from the company Bio-wash, I believe, and Wolmans has a web site you can get info from.

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Bill B

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I would affirm that you ought to try several strippers before taking the job. The less worn spots, like spindles, will be your largest problem. I turned a 2500 sq ft job last year that was similar.

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