stripping stain advice


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i'm new here so hello. i'm based over in the UK and clean a lot of drives, patios and decking etc. i normally steer clear of decks that require the failed stain to be removed first, but i get asled a lot so figured its time i started. there's doesn't seem to be any ready made up stain strippers available for sale here in the UK so i'm going to use sodium hydroxide which is readily available.

firstly i'm well aware of the potential severe dangers of using caustic soda, i'm got full PPE including face mask, goggles, gloves etc and i know to add the soda to water not the other way round. I'm not stupid, i know the risks and will treat it with extreme caution.

my questions is what is a good starting point as far as strength goes for 99% sodium hydroxide pearls Vs water for general failed stain stripping of softwood decks?

i currently already use oxalic acid as a brightener and from what i've read this is what i need to neautralise it?

also i use a lot of sodium hypochlorite and use Lauryldimethylamine oxide (amine oxide) as a surficant with this, does anyone use this with sodium hydroxide as a surficant or if not has anyone got any other suggestions of surficants to use with it?

any advice appreciated, thanks in advance


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