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Mike Hughes

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I got a job washing an end unit townhouse, and I am sending this to all of the neighbors (about 40 houses).

I'll let you know how it works out.


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Dan Flynn

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I think that's perfect! I think your price should say (AS Low AS) $100 and $170 or something like that. It will keep the door open.


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ron p

Hi MIKE, i ran the same type of post card but i put on it that the price was a 2 week special.
Too meny people procrastonate about when to get it done. Also its cheaper for you to do a lot of wash jobs in one area at one time.
i take it that these are townhomes[row houses]. I also offered a 10% discount if all the homes in any one pod signed on at one time. It was much,much easier to get all of them to have the cars out of the way at one time.
just my 2 cents worth.

Mike Hughes

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I only put the pricing on there because this was a very targeted mailer.........I have seen the houses on that street........I sent one to every house on the street (48). There's no doubt about the pricing.

I was going to include a 10% off deal for multiples, but I changed my mind at the last minute.

I printed these up on my color laser printer, so I can make any changes I want, at any time.

If this works well, i will be doing it alot more in the future.


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EXCELLENT mailer Mike, very specific focus. I would be interested in hearing the percentage of jobs you get from this one....


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