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Could some of you spare some educational info. on concrete cleaners? Lately, my surface cleaner has been pi**ing me off. I have a Landa surface cleaner, and a Landa hot water unit--3500psi, 5 gpm. Unless I walk very slow, my unit doesn't seem to clean well. Either stripes or a path of unclean area is left behind. Overlapped areas are cleaned well. Outer edges of path are clean. My nozzles are clean, alligned properly, angle set properly. Hot water unit checked out ok. The 2 elbows were changed recently. Does it matter which make of elbow is used? The problem seems to have started since changing the elbows. Which height adjustment do you use? Any insight?
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Mike Hughes

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I probably know even less about surface cleaners then you do, but.......seems like you have all of the bases covered but one. What type/size tips are you using? I know there are several theories out there about which is best.......I'm curious to hear them.

By the way, is that a Water Jet you have? How is it holding up otherwise?



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You might try replacing the nozzles. If they have been on the cleaner for some time thay may need to be changed...They do wear out.

Not sure why you changed the elbows. Can you explain further?

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Ron Musgraves

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Rick is right the nozzles are your problem.

Reasons the nozzle need to be changed

1. wear to the nozzles
2. Cheap nozzles
3. defective nozzles
4. damage nozzles

These nozzles are turning at 1800 to 2200 rpm. Have you ever hit a curb or small rock? Had anything shoot out from under the water jet when cleaning. This is where your damage comes from. You should be using a 15-degree nozzle. The nozzle has and orifice that shoots the water evenly through the hole. If the hole has been damaged the water will not come out even therefore the surface will not get cleaned evenly. Example, image you had a 0 degree nozzle on one side and a 15 degree on the others. You would not be able to clean the surface evenly. This nozzle orifice has changed from something hitting it. Or simply has plain worn out changing the degree at witch the water flows through it.

The arms can also be bent, is the water jet vibrating at all? Also check the shaft and make sure there is no play.

I have been using this type of surface cleaner since conception and this is a problem with all surface cleaners.
The store where you bought the surface cleaner will sell you a cheaper tip. I will try to post the brand you need that works best in this machine. The factory even stopped using the brand that works the best too save a few bucks.

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The part of the elbow where it threads onto the bar was worn and water was leaking. The problem seems to have started since the elbows were changed. I like the water jet. We do 43 bank cleanings per month and the sides of the surface cleaner have worn down due to rubbing the curbings of the lanes. They have worn down bad to the point of being brittle. I tell my guys not to ride the sides of the drive thru islands. Up until now this unit has been good for us.
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Also, how do you know when the swivel is bad?


Scott Stone

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I hate to mention the obvious, but hoe are the Nozzles aimed? They need to be parallel to the spray bar to work properly. If you had an employee do it when you changed the elbows they might not be right. Also is the angle right for the spray nozzles?
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<FONT COLOR="orange">Hey Maz

Check your pressure. Hopefully you have a pressure gauge, if not go get one you need it. I do ALOT of flat work I check my "systems" pressure once a week.

Here's what's involved for me.

[*]I keep a brand new tip just for checking pressure,, old tips are no good since they may be worn and give a false reading,, your bullet tip may be good for this since most folks rarely use it.

[*]Pop the "new" tip into your lance and check your pressure (Now on my machines I know what each one should run at they vary 100-200 psi,, this may be a little tricky for you since you may not know what pressure they actualy run at. I have found that a 3500psi machine rarely runs at 3500psi for long,, My 3500"s run at 3300psi,, so figure you should get at least 3200psi)If the pressure gauge is at the desired pressure rating your good to go.

[*]Now attach you surface cleaner and check the pressure. If the pressure drops you know that you have insufficient tips in the surface cleaner thus get NEW TIPS. All better. For my surface cleaners I'll run the tips to 2900 psi, under that and I replace em,, Also here I have a couple of 4000psi units at 5gpm that I 'll use these old tips for,, they are perfectly worn for,, saves me a few bucks

[*]OK when you checked the pressure with the lance and new tip,, if the pressure was low you have a problem before the lance. This can be a few things.
  • Motor running to low rpm.
    Pump weak.
    Scaled heater.
[*]To rule out the heater, simply bypass it. attach the hose straight to the Pressure washer if the pressure goes up then you have a scaled,, or maybe leaky heater.

[*]If the pressure doesnt go up you have a motor problem. If you're a mechanic check the engine rpm's if it's low fix it. If it's normal then go to the Pump and fix it.

Hope this helps

One more note for ya here,, You should probaly be replacing your tips at least once a month if your that busy, remember that when they get weak you slow down thus decreasing your profits,, KEEP FRESH TIPS IN THE SURFACE CLEANERS!!!</FONT c>

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I have 3 horizontal surface cleaners. Two of which are Landa's.
Is it possible that your machine is a 30" unit?
My 30" does the same thing! The 24" Landa does okay though.
I would guess that may be a reason that other companies do not make one that wide.
...just a thought!

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