telescoping wand where to buy?


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looking for a telescoping wand like 20 some footer? any brands better than others? and anyone know where to get at reasonable price? Thanks


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I wanda how I'm going to reach way up there?

If the merchandise offered by the PWN sponsors works for you, I'd start looking there. I needed one rated for 3500 psi@ 4GPM, and found some at Northern Tool that met those spec's. I ordered a waist belt as well. I hope that this is helpful to you. [hello]
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john orr

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If you are going to try to downstream, the yellow wands are rated at 3000 psi (as I recall) and will only draw from 50' or so. The blue wand is rated at 4000 psi and has a 3/8 hose that will allow you to downstream at 150' to 200'. (It also weighs a ton!) It is also stronger and more durable than the yellow wand.


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Ive ordered several things from Northern Tool and have had no problems until I decided to buy the yellow telescoping wand. Ordered it over a month ago and still waiting. I have several 2 story houses that Ive put on hold for this piece of equipment, I guess I'll have to use my extension and a ladder if I dont have it by friday. Also if you join the Northern Tool membership place an order that will benfit the free 50lbs of free shipping on the first order. They did get me though....They wont tell you that you only get free shipping thereafter on the small catalog (1 page of pressure washing equipment) only. But hey the membership costs like 60 free 50lbs on my first order almost paid for that. Overall they do offer good prices/good customer service and speedy delivery on items (except the above mentioned).

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