Tell us if you Served in the Armed Forces


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Served in the Navy on the USS Reeves (CG-24) with the Midway Battle Group out of Japan. Had great times and met some wonderful people.

Where did you serve?
A friend of mine is on the USS Ronald Reagan, he is only loving life, when they are at dock.. lol

Allison Heste

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When my husband is here, he works full time for the National Guard building guns for the shooting teams. He is currently on a volunteer year-long deployment in Afghanistan where he is teaching the locals how to farm. He served 2008 in Iraq. We live on a small National Guard base in the Little Rock area.


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Enlisted in the Marine Corps 02 February 1976, a few days after I turned 17. Saigon fell before I turned 17. Lost several friends in Nam, wanted to do my part. I never saw combat, which was disappointing.

I spend the majority of my spare time supporting and assisting Vet's, and am a proud member of the American Legion, Post 105, and the Patriot Guard Riders.

I have worked with Vet's struggling with chemical dependencies for the past 15+ years, and hire only Vet's.

Been busier than hell the past several weeks helping my friends and colleagues prepare for the week long event currently going on:

Return With Honor Home

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Served 82-86 proudly and honorably for the Navy. Been to Beirut Lebanon and received a war metal for that. I also been to gitmo Cuba 3 times and that was no fun. I did one Mediterranean cruise and I stopped off in Spain and England for a fleeting moment because the Marines were just blown up in the barracks back then in Beirut. My ship was an Amphibious ship where we brought new Marines in to take out the enemy.

My ship also travel to Antarctica where I went out in a T-shirt and paint some rails at sub zerp temp. readings and because of this wacky thing I was awarded a "Blue nose" beautiful Document for my completion

I been to some cool places and some not so cool but the experiences were never forgetful and if need be I would do it again.

I love this county and I would die for her no matter who's in charge. If I was called to duty then I would do my job just like these men and woman do today. They are my hero's because I would do the same for them to protect our freedoms.
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