It's going 2 b 54 here today .......... and the rest of the week looks just as good.......... but we better get some snow or rain or we will have alot of dried up creeks for fishing season........... u just gota love this winter for the p/wers ..........getting lots of riding time on the scooter.......

<marquee>ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM</marquee>
It was 60 here yesterday, but the mornings are still in the 30's. Spent most of the day building honey-do shelves in the basement. But I did get time to take a ride on my Shadow. "Don't tell her"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Would ride today, but now it frickin raining. More shelves to build, damn the luck.

Mike in what direction are you on the map?
I cant find you at all
I am going to be heading in the Kane area this week to check on some new hunting ground. Are you in that direction?
I am going to finish off a 99 year lease on 9200 acres .There is 9o years left.......... maybe you can come over/down/across/up..... for a camp out sometime this summer..........

Sending the rain your way:) I need the temp we are having, but not the rain. Got a nightmare of a gazebo and deck combo to wash and seal. Waiting on the weather to break so I can get started. Congrats on the PWNA. Look forward to "new" news.

The CCA wood epa recommendation to seal fell right into our ReadySeal hands didn't it?


That is over 300 miles from here! I am about 25 miles northwest of Philadelphia. We'll have to get together in the fall when the PWNA comes to Pittsburgh.

Reed..........the rain is coming tomorrow night, although it doesnt look like it will amount to much :( And, yes, the CCA thing fits nicely into my plans......

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