The New Truck

Being in Detroit, I figured you to buy a Toyota or Mazda. I guess you aren't in to getting your vehicle keyed daily!

Nice looking ride!



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Everyone knows that Detroit is the Motor blue collar, hard working (unless you're unionized) guys all drive the good ole' Detroit Iron. The jap-crap is more suited to the silicon finger-boys out west.

Now I'm going to climb up on the porch, sit down and have a cold one with the smartest group of truck guys....bowtie owners.

How'd that old saying go.....something about never being the doggie on the bottom?

Larry L.

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Tony can you make the Bow Tie dog track,,did you get the one that has 4 wheel streering,think that ideal is neat,Altho I can just picture some drunk trying to drive home:D .

Larry L.

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yep,I mean yes sir we try to stay up with standards for our clients as in service and speed.With our special car we can get there pretty fast to get their cash,all our salesman love them.


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No, I didn't get the 4 wheel steering. I figured the front wheel steering has done me so well this long, that I could use the extra couple grand to buy lots of cold beer.

Of course I did get 4 wheel drive.
Nice Truck Tony.

With a truck like that do you have the heart to put your business name on it? I still don't have my business name on my Dodge Truck.

Did you ever leave your "other" job to do powerwashing fulltime?? I have 1.5 yrs to go where I could leave to do this fulltime but after the day I had today where my whole body hurts makes me want to keep doing both jobs for a few years to come. THat way I won't get to burned out on each.


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No, I don't have lettering on the truck, only on my trailers. I am thinking about getting some magnetic signs for the truck to use when I'm not pulling the say when I go out to do estimates.

Yes, I resigned from the other full time job on May 13, and have been doing this full time. Based on what you told me before about your situation, I think I would stick out the 1.5 years. For myself, I had about 18 more years before I could draw any pension. And mind you, I already had 17 years in!

So far, leaving the other full time job to pursue this has been the best thing I have ever done. It has worked out beyond my expectations. The only problems so far has been with the wife thinking she can get more out of me because I can schedule my own hours....LOL! She still needs to realize that during typical work hours, I am on duty for the job regardless of whether I'm out washing, picking up materials, doing quotes, or even taking a quick snooze on the couch. So far, the hardest part for me has been having to work so much out in the direct sun. It's been blistering hot here this season, and I find I really need to slather on the sun block, and drink twice as much liquids as I thought I'd need. The sun seems to really drain me, and as I get older, it seems to get worse. I really don't know how guys can work on roof tops all day doing shingling.....oh, of course you never see old guys doing that kind of work, that must be the key.

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