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Personally, I drive a drive a Dodge.....but only because I got it cheap (no offense Jon and Glenn).
Always have liked GM better than Ford. But have a couple of Fords that have served us well.

When I have time like to cruse in the Company Car! Here is a picture

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, let's see...I have a Ford Mustang and a Chevy Cargo Van.....I guess I have to go with my Yamaha Royal Star!!!


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Had to fix some pressure washers in a slauter house the other day. One of the guys actually showed me the gun they use to "shoot the Bulls" with. It used a blank cartridge to shoot a stainless steel rod into the brain of the Bulls. Sometimes they have to hit them twice. Those pressure washers were a mess. Had to wash them off to work on them.

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I drive a Ford, My two ton is a chevy, and my wife drives an Astro. My dad gives me grief because I have more Chevy's than Fords. Personally, I prefer Ford. I should have pictures in a couple of days and I will send them to Dan to post.

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Well let me see, Hummm theres 3 Ford pickups in my driveway, I must be a Ford person I guess. Funny now that I think about it, I always had Chevys as a kid.
I guess I dont really care if it runs good. However my motorcycle has to be a Harley. Only owned 1 that wasn't, and didn't own it long.(nothing wrong with the rest of them just not for me)

Roy Moren
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Two Ford vans, one Chev. Astro,one Nissan pickup. I drive a Buick Park Ave and the wife has a BMW 328 SI or? The fun car with big pocket is the BMW. The Ford Cargo Vans just keep on going.


Dan S

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i have em all
ford ,dodge ,geo metro, pathfinder
intruder street bike
dodge is a street rod which is currently under construction.

and you know what as long as you take care of em they will all last and give many miles of enjoyment,,,

have a great day and GOD bless!!!!!
Man. I did not know that Ford or Chevy even made pressure washers.

They are both great but I guess that I like Chevy the best since the last 3 trucks I owned were Chevys. I do like Ford better in the Nascar Circuit though...

John May
My wife will drive whatever, but in the carport she has a Chevy Venture, and I have a Ford Ranger.
The last 3 I had were Fords....Explorer, Mustang, and Ranger. The next one will also be a Ford, and it want be long off....Let's see, 98 Ranger...78,000+ miles in 2 years, that's a little much, don't you think........

Wouldn't have nothing else......


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If you are talking about newer vehicles, I am not sure. I own a 95 ford cargo van,98 Mazda pu, 98 Honda Civic and a 73 Ford pu.
If you are talking about older vehicles. It has to be a Ford for me. My old 73 I have had for 9 years. It looked ragged when I got it. I did some body work to it and gave it a tune up and it has been running ever since. In my opinion you can not beat those model fords.

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