tile floor chair protectors needed?

Just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on the plastic mats that are put down for the chair to roll on. I clean an office that is all waxed floors and they have one of these under every chair. I sweep and mop the floors everyday, so it stays pretty clean. These mats are really annoying because they are hard to clean and the dirt tends to get under the edges and I think they just make the office look dirtier. Will it damage the floors if I remove these and just have the chair roll directly on the floors. They also are stripped and waxed every 4 months. Thanks!
A lot depends on the quality of the finish, and how many coats you have down. Do you know your solids content?
If the floor is kept clean, and the chairs do not go into places that scratch the wheels, you may be able to ditch the mats. It will speed up te wear and tear on the finish, but will not damage the floor itself.

May not be a bad idea, to pull up one or two and keep an eye on how much different the wear is, with and without a mat.

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