Tile Roof Cleaning Without Walking On The Roof!


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Here are a few pics of a tile roof we cleaned today in Springhill, FL. The customer called and was looking for a professional roof cleaning contractor to non pressure chemically clean his tile roof without walking on it.
He found K.J. Pressure Washing, LLC from doing a search on Google and decided to use us. We use the Delevan 5800 pump, 1/2 inch plyovic hose and a 4% mix to clean this one.
The end result....the customer could not have been more happy!


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K.J. Pressure Washing & Non Pressure Roof Cleaning

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Hi, I'm new here. I'm trying to understand how this site works. How did you post these pics? Thanks!
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There are two methods of adding pictures / jpeg/ tiff images. There is an icon above the box where you type in your post, when you run
your mouse cursor over the icon you should see a box appear saying "Insert Image" Click on the icon to add a picture. There is a size limit on the
image allowable.

Option two is below the box where you are entering your post, scroll down you will find a button saying "Manage Attachments" you can click on that
and enter the url of a picture / image on the internet.

Hope that helps!

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Just look at the driveway..you missed a sale LOL

I dont know why homeowners always turn down the driveway part of a cleaning job to me a dirty driveway next to there clean house just looks half clean. I always bid the driveway before I leave the home and then always folow up with the customer but most of the time they say no thanks. Maybe I charge to much:confused: ....... But im in line with other contractors I dont know what gives anyone else have this problem??

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