True to form

In response to a rumor of a class action suit by several female mid-managers, a fortune 100 company, that had NO female presidents or vice-presidents, hired a consulting firm to review its human diversity policies.

After an exhaustive review the consultants came in and told the CEO of the company that he was literally weeks from an embarassing law suit..."But I can get you out of it!", he told the CEO.

"How?" demanded the CEO. And the consultant laid out his plan.

In keeping with the plan the CEO picked three of the most intelligent and well educated women in the company. He over paid each of them by $5000 and waited to see what would happen.

The first woman immediately went on a shopping spree.

The second woman immediately returned the money to the payroll department.

The third woman quickly called her investment counsellor and placed the money in a high-risk investment account earning a huge return over the next two weeks, at which time she returned the initial $5000 to the company.

The CEO again met with the consultant asking, "Well, what did all this do for us?"

"It was designed to tell us which woman to promote through the glass ceiling and into upper management."

"OK, I'm lost," said the CEO. "Which one do we promote?"

"The cute little blonde with the big knockers." replied the consultant.

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